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The foundation that teaches programming to keep the children of Unguía, Chocó away from violence

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The Color and Hope Foundation has also provided complementary education in English and psychosocial support to 150 boys and girls in the Choco municipality.​

A small house painted yellow, blue and red in A guide, crashedhas become in the safest space for 150 local children and young people who needed activities to dedicate their free time to after the school day.

This is the House of Colors, a project created in 2020 by the Color and Hope Foundation with the aim of offering complementary academic training to children in the territory between 5 and 14 years old.

Behind the idea is Nellysabeth Murillo, a lawyer who, after having delivered more than 20 thousand gifts and impacted 350 childrenremembers with feeling the reasons that led her to organize the first social activities in the municipality:

“I decided to honor the dream of a friend who died due to the armed conflict. He told me to create a library but I saw it as impossible. Some time later, when I returned to Unguía after studying my undergraduate degree in Medellín, I realized that life beyond the Atrato River It was different; that the territory needed me”, comments the director of the foundation.

In contexts of armed conflict, he points out, children and youth tend to be among the populations most affected by forced recruitment and school dropouts. A scourge even more visible in remote territories, such as Chocó, where the lack of guarantees in access to rights such as education and recreation are also palpable.

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In fact, a report of 2023 of UNICEF and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare revealed that the department is the second nationally with the highest rate of care for children and adolescents recruited in the framework of the armed conflict, with a total of 289 cases (which represent 13.25% of the total).

Furthermore, according to figures from the Departmental Secretariat of Education, only in 2022 More than 6 thousand Chocoan students dropped out of schools.

In this complex situation, the House of Colors emerges as an answer that offers children the opportunity to occupy your free time after the school day in constructive activities.

The Foundation offers English classes, academic reinforcement, support with homework, programming and systems courses, among other services. / Photo: courtesy Color and Hope Foundation

In addition to computer equipment, internet connection and books, they have a team of teachers who teach English, systems, robotics and programming classes. According to its creator, the place has an environment conducive to fostering resilience and opening your curiosity to the world “beyond the rifles.”

So much so that Four of the attending students are pursuing technical and undergraduate degrees. in software engineering, environmental engineering, international business and criminology thanks to the scholarships offered by the Foundation.

For Murillo, these cases are a source of pride for the entire community. With them they have shown that Education is an engine to transform the lives of the most disadvantaged territories of Chocó.

The ‘After School’ program has benefited four young people who are currently pursuing higher education studies thanks to the Foundation’s scholarships. / Photo: courtesy Color y Esperanza Foundation.

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“The foundation is a personal dream that became a collective one. We created the House of Colors so that children could spend their free time well after school, thus reducing their chances of getting involved in the war, in which many of their relatives are involved.”, he adds.

The project has been sustained thanks to donations from third parties, contributions of $10,000 per month with which parents collaborate, and the relationships that the foundation has established with international allies such as Tik Tok, Uber y USAID.

For me, the Casa de Colores is an incubator of talent that has managed to move forward despite all the challenges that exist in the territory”concludes Murillo

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