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The foundations are laid for the collaboration of Nicolás Petro with the Prosecutor’s Office

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The foundations are laid for the collaboration of Nicolás Petro with the Prosecutor’s Office

The hearing will CONTINUE in the case of Nicolás Petro, the son of the head of state, and his ex-wife Day Vásquez, accused of money laundering and illicit enrichment, so that the Prosecutor’s Office asks the judge for the security measure. However, the outlook could change substantially for these people after expressing their intention to collaborate with justice. If there was an agreement in the last hours, it will be revealed by the prosecuting entity.

Nicolás Petro and his ex-wife were captured the previous Saturday in Barranquilla in the framework of the investigation that the Prosecutor’s Office opened a few weeks ago after this woman revealed to Semana magazine that her then sentimental partner received at least $2,000 million for the campaign his father’s presidential election in 2022.

He assured that, of that amount, half were delivered to Nicolás Petro by two people with criminal records and a dark past.

Vásquez pointed out that Santander Lopesierra, known as the ‘Marlboro Man’, sent Nicolás Petro $600 million. This man in the United States paid a sentence of 18 years in prison for drug trafficking. He returned to the country and is running for mayor of Maicao in the upcoming October elections.

The woman said that Alfonso Hilsaca Eljaude, known as the “Turk”, also sent Nicolás Petro $400 million. This man is a contractor in the public lighting sector, however, he has been investigated on several occasions for alleged links with paramilitary groups.

However, Day Vásquez clarified in the aforementioned interview about the money that Nicolás Petro received, that “it never legally reached the campaign because he kept that money, and so did others.” She gave the same version to the Prosecutor’s Office last March, when she was called to testify.

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Now, Vásquez surely never imagined that her accusations against Nicolás Petro would end up affecting her.

Last Tuesday, during the indictment of Nicolás Petro and Day Vásquez, the prosecutor in the case, Mario Burgos, told the woman “you understood that you were acquiring, safeguarding, and guarding assets from your husband.”

While the prosecutor Burgos told Nicolás Petro that his income as a deputy, of $11 million per month, which could sometimes reach $20 million with some benefits, does not justify his monthly expenses of up to $1.6 billion in 2022. ” To justify the expenses you made, you had to earn $200 million.”

The Prosecutor’s Office has as evidence against Nicolás Petro, in addition to the accusations of Vásquez, chats, documents, tracking of bank operations.

Although, it should be noted that, at the hearing last Tuesday, Nicolás Petro and Vásquez did not accept charges. So when what followed for the Prosecutor’s Office was to request the insurance measure, the son of the head of state surprised by announcing that he will collaborate with justice.

“I want to announce to Colombia that we have decided to start a collaboration process where I will refer to new facts and situations that will help justice. I do it for my family and for my baby, who is on the way.”

For this reason, the hearing was postponed until tomorrow, starting at 2 in the afternoon, when it will be known if the Prosecutor’s Office will request an insurance measure for these two people or if it reaches an agreement, another type of measure such as that they face the process in freedom.

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It was learned that both the lawyer of Nicolás Petro and Day Vásquez met with the Prosecutor’s Office to present the collaboration plan for their clients.

In the case of Day Vásquez, the agreement is facilitated because since last March he has been collaborating with justice. She would take advantage of the principle of opportunity that she would reduce her sentence by 50% and even more depending on her true contribution, and house benefits for jail.

It has even been leaked that Vásquez would modify his version, regarding that part of the resources that Nicolás Petro received entered his father’s campaign in the 2022 elections.

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