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The front page of People’s Daily focuses on workers in Shandong and other places: Stick to their posts and fight on the front line

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Stick to your post and fight on the front line

At the 2024 Spring Festival group visit, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “I hope that the people across the country will inspire the spirit of the dragon and the horse, forge ahead with the energy of the dragon and the tiger, and the fish leap over the dragon’s gate, pioneer and innovate, work hard and contribute, and jointly write a new chapter in Chinese-style modernization.”

During the Spring Festival holiday, from the vast countryside to factory workshops, from port trains to the streets, many people stuck to their posts, spent the holidays in hard work, and made new achievements through hard work.

Working hard in the fields to help farmers

During the Spring Festival holiday, agricultural technology experts, agricultural project builders, etc. stayed at their posts, worked hard, and tried every means to help increase agricultural production and bumper harvests, increase farmers’ incomes, and make extraordinary contributions to promoting agricultural and rural modernization in ordinary positions.

On the sixth day of the first lunar month, at dawn, Xu Yongfang, an agricultural technician from Shandong Changyi Agricultural and Rural Development Service Center, drove to the Big Cherry Family Farm in Shibu Economic Development Zone. As soon as he entered the greenhouse, Xu Yongfang waved to the farmer Liu Jie: “The temperature is a bit low, hurry up and put on the heating block!” Xu Yongfang has worked as an agricultural technician for more than 30 years. “I have a clear idea of ​​what to plant in which place and when to go there. When people make more money, I feel happy,” Xu Yongfang said. “Today, there are still many agricultural technicians like Xu Yongfang in the city. They still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, silently guarding the people’s ‘vegetable baskets’ and ‘fruit plates,'” said Yan Wenzhi, director of the Changyi Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau.

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On the sixth day of the first lunar month, in the Menghu Citrus Orchard in Dapu Town, Yongchun County, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the director of the Yongchun Mandarin Comprehensive Experiment Station of the National Citrus Industry Technology System went deep into the orchard to check the growth of the spring shoots of the citrus trees and provide guidance. “Farming time waits for no one, and it is now the spring sprouting period of tangerines. In order to ensure high-quality and stable production of the orchard and improve quality and efficiency, I have to fulfill my responsibility in my position.”

During the Spring Festival holiday, construction of the Wangjiaba Tunnel Section of the Jiayan Water Conservancy Project is intensifying in Shedongguan Township, Nayong County, Bijie, Guizhou. “The geological conditions of coal-bearing strata in mountainous areas are complex, so all available time must be utilized,” said Luo Yun, a construction worker from China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Ninth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

The construction site workshop is in full swing

On the sixth day of the first lunar month, workers were working in an orderly manner at the construction site of the Tianzhushan No. 1 Tunnel of the Xi (An) Shi (Yan) High-Speed ​​Railway. Chief engineer Zhang Junnan is responsible for safety, quality and technical work in the region. During the Spring Festival holiday, in Jiangxi Gao’an High-tech Park, the 16 production lines of Tongrui New Energy Company were in full swing, creating a busy scene.

Transportation and logistics are busy and orderly

At ports and terminals, logistics warehouses, express delivery stations, and railway stations, many people stick to their posts and work hard on the front line of logistics to ensure the orderly operation of society.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the density of ships at Fangchenggang Port in Guangxi continued to decrease. At No. 8 berth in Yuwan Port Area, Huang Jun, captain of the second duty team of Fangcheng Border Inspection Station of Guangxi Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station, is leading the team to perform port inspection tasks. In Harbin, Heilongjiang, it was in full swing inside JD.com’s “Asia No. 1” Intelligent Logistics Park in the Pingfang District. Scanning, unloading, sorting… Gao Xiaoming, a courier from the Longteng Investment Department of China Postal Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Langfang Branch, started busy early in the morning.

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On the platform of Lanzhou Railway Station, a train bound for Sichuan and Chongqing is about to leave. Under Xu Qiang’s guidance, more than 1,000 passengers all boarded the bus smoothly in less than 10 minutes.
During the Spring Festival holiday, more than 20,000 railway officials and employees of the Nanning State Railway Bureau also stick to their posts.

People’s Daily” (Page 01, February 16, 2024)

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