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The game and the candle

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To me these five stars are starting to like them more and more and in fact, damn it, as soon as they start to like them they are no longer news. You will probably have missed an assembly of Grillini parliamentarians who, in the late evening of Thursday, under the imperious guidance of Giuseppe Conte, decided by an overwhelming majority to access the two per thousand. That is to public funding. I had already reached ecstasy when the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, had presented himself to the grandstand of the Olympic stadium with an escort from Dr. Ing. Gran. Mascalzon. Lup. Mann. – eight guards! Even too much but, if it served to set a good example, well done. I am in favor of all privileges, including those not yet invented, although I do not call them privileges but obvious economic and security endowments that the State guarantees to those who work for the State on behalf of the citizens. Now the five stars have realized that doing politics costs money, especially if you have a leader who is no longer prime minister who also has to pay for the trains to go to the rallies. Not convinced? Well, I’m playing the wild card: the only opposite was Danilo Toninelli. In reality there was also another one, a certain Davide Zanichelli who wanted to know how much they would collect, that is, “if the game is worth the candle”. As if to say, we are not for sale, up to a certain price. Perhaps Alessandro Di Battista is right: they have become like the Udeur. But still without a Clemente Mastella, unfortunately. But I have patience and the day will come when they will reintroduce parliamentary immunity, and that day I will enroll in the Movement. Mastellian current, of course.

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