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The Government of Ecuador rejects the recommendation for impeachment of Lasso

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The Government of Ecuador rejects the recommendation for impeachment of Lasso

The Ecuadorian Minister of Government, Henry Cucalón, regretted this Saturday that the National Assembly “once again has failed the country” by accepting the report of the Occasional Commission, since “This document lacks legal validity, it is not binding; and it is an accommodation of patches and rectifications”said.

The pronouncement was made through a statement issued shortly after the Assembly approved the Report of a Commission, which investigates alleged acts of corruption involving a circle close to the ruler Guillermo Lasso, and which recommended the impeachment of the president for censorship. .

The official questioned “that -at whim and convenience- the report has left out characters who should be investigated: ‘A true attack on reason and common sense‘, he said, according to the statement from the Ministry of Government.

Cucalón emphasized that the Government “He has never questioned the powers of political control that the National Parliament has constitutionally.”

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However, he rejected that on this occasion “It is intended to fabricate a fable to try to set up a political trial against the President of the Republic; since this is not an act of control, but of evident destabilization.”

Similarly, he criticized “Before the criticism and ridicule of public opinion, as part of the grounds they first placed treason against the homeland and then they were forced to retract it.”

Subsequently, they proposed commission by omission, in numeral 2 of article 129 of the Constitution, which they described as “Dantean from the legal point of view and aberrant from the political point of view”, in addition to adding that “as all good fiction has a moral, what is built on falsehoods falls apart. They built a case with cards of lies: one is removed and everything collapses “.

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Cucalón considered that the report “you won’t get anywhere”for which it indicated that certain sectors, upon realizing this, “have come up with occurrences such as declaring Lasso’s mental incapacity or the threat of violence in the streets,” the letter reads.

“It has been shown that certain assembly members never cared about fighting corruption, but rather that it was a mere letterhead for persecution and instability, and this report is living proof of that,” Cucalón maintained.

He indicated that the report does not present any evidence that links Lasso to what he is being accused of, which is why “there is no merit whatsoever for a trial of this type,” he noted.

“These unfortunate farces will not distract the work of the Government, which continues to work for the well-being of our country. Today we are between democratic stability and uncertainty. Ecuadorians prefer the stability that allows us to work in peace, undertake and progress,” he concluded.


A total of 104 of the 125 assembly members present at this Saturday’s session approved the report, 18 voted against and 3 abstained at the meeting whose exclusive theme was the debate on the report of the Occasional Specialized Commission for Truth, Justice and the fight against corruption in the case called “Encuentro”, also known as “The Great Godfather”.

The vote cleared the way for a lawmaker to formally file the impeachment request, which requires the backing of at least 46 lawmakers.

Last Wednesday, with six votes in favor of the motion and one against, the Commission recommended that the plenary session of the National Assembly (Parliament) question Lasso for the alleged acts of corruption investigated.

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These acts revolve around an alleged corruption plot in public companies involving businessmen Danilo Carrera, the president’s brother-in-law, and Rubén Cherres, a man close to the ruling party who was also the subject of a police investigation for his alleged relationship with a drug trafficking network, which was archived.

The resolution was protected by numerals 1 and 2 of article 129 of the Constitution, on the possibility of a political trial of the President for crimes “against the security of the State” or for “concussion, bribery, embezzlement (embezzlement) or illicit enrichment”.

That article also states that “To initiate the political trial, the admissibility ruling of the Constitutional Court will be required, but prior criminal prosecution will not be necessary.”

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