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The Green pass in the PA focuses on control by the heads of the offices

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On the introduction of the green pass for the public sector, the only remaining unknowns concern the timing. But they are unknowns that move on narrow margins, because the green certificate is the lever for the return of ordinary work in the presence on which the minister of the PA Renato Brunetta has been pushing for weeks.

The control room

The political synthesis, with the League but also with the Five Stars who defend remote work, will be found in the control room in the coming days. But the government’s schedule points to an intervention between this week and next week at the latest, with a short term (the hypothesis at the moment is October 1) to give time to the minority of unvaccinated employees to take action. In the work prepared by the government technicians, the application of the green pass to go to the office is generalized.


The League, in the now customary push and pull on anti-pandemic measures, hypothesizes a distinction that limits the certificate obligation to employees at the counter, in terms of contact with the public, excluding those who work in the back office. But this border, complicated to build on an epidemiological level because the work environments are generally shared, seems impossible to draw even on a regulatory level, because especially in local authorities there are many employees who work partly at the counter and partly in the rear of the offices.

Mandatory certificate

In the intentions shared by Palazzo Chigi, then, the public employment can also represent the lever for the extension of the compulsory certificate in the private world. Because in the rooms of a public body the virus behaves exactly like in the premises of a company. Especially since with the decree approved last Thursday, the request for the certificate began to peep out of the PA, addressing external operators of schools and health residences.

The system of sanctions and the tools for introducing it distinguish the public from the private world. In the public service the model is that of the school, with the suspension of salary after 5 days of absence for those who also refuse the way of the tampon and the control entrusted to the principals.

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