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The Guatapé reservoir is running out of water and without customers

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The Guatapé reservoir is running out of water and without customers

The damage caused by water scarcity continues to increase and the inhabitants of Guatapé know this, the picturesque municipality of Antioquia that has always been a reference for its vibrant tourist activity and its imposing reservoir, but that with the severe drought now faces a serious problem. economic.

The lack of water in the reservoir, one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality, has caused visitors to refrain from visiting the municipality so as not to be surprised by the impossibility of taking boat tours and taking the popular tour that includes passing through the mansions of some of the most recognized characters in the country such as Maluma, James Rodríguez and J Balvin.

And the desolate streets have disrupted the daily lives of its inhabitants and the local economy, since 92% of the municipality’s income depends on tourism, so the drastic decrease in water has forced local workers and tourists to adapt to a desolate landscape, with the typical traces of an empty reservoir and dry soils.

In fact, according to figures from the Secretariat of Tourism and Economic Development of Guatapé, only in the month of March 2024 there was a 33% reduction in the number of visitors; That is, in the same month of 2023, sixty thousand tourists were registered, while this year they barely reached forty thousand.

“This is due to the bad information that has been spread by different media outlets where they are generating an alert about the state of the reservoir and showing only the dry and deserted part. We can verify that we are still continuing with navigation because the extension is very wide. Tourists have canceled our reservations due to this situation,” said Estefanía Jiménez, Secretary of Tourism of Guatapé, in dialogue with El Colombiano.

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That is why the Guatapé reservoir, previously full of visitors and aquatic activities, has become a vast dry land, forcing tourism entrepreneurs to relocate their services and sand workers to work under more demanding working conditions.

One of the aspects that has frightened tourists is the lengthy journey they now have to take to get a boat and do, halfway, the trip through the reservoir. According to the locals, you must walk between 10 and 15 minutes along the shore of the small and muddy reservoir to reach the boats.

The drought has even affected local fishermen, who have had to adapt to other tasks to get money, since the reduction in water has scared the fish to more remote areas that make their access more difficult. “You have a lot of fun fishing and it calms you down. Now I fish very occasionally, not every day because I have to go down a lot to find fish,” Juan Camilo Villegas told El Colombiano.

According to the Antioquian media, although some tourist activities persist in relocated places and despite the effort to maintain an attractive offer for visitors, the number of tourists has decreased considerably. In fact, some boat rental companies have reported that they went from three hundred clients on weekends to only seventy.

This drop in visitors has triggered a series of adjustments in the workplace, including salary reductions and suspensions of activities, according to Rodolfo Reyes, a Venezuelan boatman who offers tourist tours and who completes more than eight days without taking a tourist tour of the reservoir. . “This could be worse, the water level allows us to continue making the same route as always because the water has only gone down in the corners of the reservoir and that is why we had to move,” the boatman told El Colombiano.

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The economy of the municipality is reflected in the figures provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Antioquia, which indicates a decrease in the birth of new companies related to the reservoir of 1.31%. In addition, the impact on local merchants is notable, especially for craft sellers, who report a reduction in sales of 30% compared to previous periods.

The current situation of the reservoir has not only impacted the economy and tourism, but has also imposed significant changes in the daily lives of the inhabitants. In fact, even the drivers of the popular motochivas have indicated that the number of trips has been reduced by half, and their only means of livelihood has become transportation for the residents of the municipality. With Infobae

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