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The “hardest employment season” for college students

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The “hardest employment season” for college students

[The Epoch Times, June 13, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Xinan interviewed and reported) The number of graduates this year hit a record high, but with the impact of the epidemic and the crisis in business operations, college students are facing the “hardest employment season”. The CCP again mentions that college students go to urban and rural areas for employment, which has sparked heated discussions.

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued a notice to guide college graduates to find employment and entrepreneurship in urban and rural communities. “In principle, all new recruitment positions in 2022 will be open to college graduates.” Born to the village as a village worker”.

The person in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs stated that the specific tasks include accelerating the development of institutions that provide elderly care, childcare, housekeeping and other services in the community, and enhancing the employability of college graduates; guiding college graduates to provide services at township (street) social workstations; setting up a group of urban and rural areas. Community practice practice base, etc.

In this regard, netizens said, “Going to the mountains and going to the countryside is resurrected again!” “College graduates are becoming less and less valuable, and they are not as popular as a mason chef…” “Their descendants are in Europe and America, but they call on our descendants to go to the countryside.” “Graduates from the last two years are still looking for jobs.”It is strongly recommended that the children of officials take the lead in enrolling. “

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of the Communist Party of China in May, the national urban unemployment rate was 6.1% in April. Unemployment among youth aged 16-24 hit a record 18.2%. At the press conference held by the Ministry of Education earlier, it is expected that the number of college graduates in 2022 will be 10.76 million, and the number of graduates will hit a new high. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic blockade and control on the economy, this year is considered to be the “hardest employment season”.

Townships have limited ability to absorb college students

This is not the first time the CCP has called on college students to seek employment in urban and rural areas. In July 2020, seven departments including the Organization Department of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice to guide and encourage college graduates to go to urban and rural communities for employment and entrepreneurship.

Ms. Wang, who works at the grassroots level, told reporters on June 12 that a township government (later changed to a district office) has only a few hundred staff members, many of whom are not staffed and are personnel agents or even contract workers. Now it is recommended that college students become village officials in rural areas after graduation, but she believes that rural work is very complicated, and college students have no social experience, so it is difficult to do a good job in rural work.

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“From the perspective of rural science and technology, graduates from agricultural schools must develop agricultural modernization, and college students have professional knowledge in this area,” she said.

University student village officials have a long history. As early as 1995, Jiangsu Province took the lead in recruiting college students to serve as rural grassroots cadres. Some college student village officials complained on the Internet that they were “different identities” and “in a situation where they don’t care about three things.”

In the article “College Student Village Officials: Why Do You Always Want to Hurry Up – Taking 7 Counties and Cities in the West as an Example”, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 600 college student village officials. It was found that due to the uncertain future of rural development, most college village officials decided to leave the countryside.

According to the survey, more than 75% of people believe that serving as a village official is their choice under the pressure of employment. As for where to go after 3 years, 52% expect to take the civil servant exam, 2.4% take the postgraduate entrance exam, 9.7% enter the society and re-seek a career, 30.8% are confused and have no plans, and only 5.1% decide to stay in the countryside to continue their business. .

Compared with college village officials, the benefits of transfer students are more secure. “But the conditions are very strict, requiring fresh graduates, student cadres, party members, scores, etc. Hundreds were selected across the province, and only a dozen people per school were assigned to townships. In the future, they will be civil servants and administrative staff.” Ms. Wang said.

Enterprise operation shrinks, talent demand is not strong

Chinese-American economist Li Hengqing said in an interview with The Epoch Times that the current economic situation is not good, and employment difficulties are becoming more and more prominent, mainly because there are no economic entities. Coupled with dynamic clearing, companies often stop production, many companies are shrinking, and the demand for talents is not strong.

He said, “Typical industries such as transportation, tourism, catering, accommodation and hotel, and aviation have obviously been severely impacted. These companies have closed their doors and many places have fallen flat. A large number of foreign capital have been withdrawn. The main body of business operation is gone, where will everyone go to find employment? So this is a very big problem facing now.”

Li Hengqing pointed out that the youth unemployment rate has exceeded 18%, which is a historic figure. At the same time, it also conceals the 11 million or so college graduates who will be employed this year, which are not currently included in the unemployed population. Some schools even do not issue a graduation certificate without an employment agreement for the sake of fraudulent performance.

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“So now the situation is extremely grim. There is a bigger fact that has been covered up, that is, migrant workers, the main body of employment, can’t find work now. After the epidemic began in the winter of 2019, they returned to their hometowns and did not return to the cities. It’s a massive amount of invisible unemployment that the government doesn’t care about.”

Candidates in Shandong finished their college entrance examination last Friday. The parents of some candidates told reporters that the candidates all reported that the math exam questions were difficult, and they all cried after participating in the math competition. In the first volume of the college entrance examination, there are essay topics developed with the three terms of Go, “master, master, and vulgar”, and many people say that those who have never played Go cannot understand it.

Due to the high difficulty of composition and mathematics exams in some provinces and cities, it has caused heated discussions among netizens and rushed to the hot search on Weibo. Some netizens questioned that the official question is difficult, and it may be intended to raise the standard of university education so as to divert most students to the technical and vocational education system.

Liu Yinquan, a former professor of history at Shandong Weifang University, said in an interview with The Epoch Times that there are problems in the direction of Chinese universities, the setting of disciplines, blindly running schools, and the inappropriate ratio of universities to vocational secondary schools. There are too many fake and empty things in colleges now, which cost a lot of money but are not practical. Vocational universities and technical secondary schools cultivate students’ specialties and enable students to have skills.

Li Hengqing believes that when the education was developed to allow children to go to university, the government was more concerned with improving its education system so that the education industry could make money. Therefore, it is said that the Chinese government is a pain in the head and a foot in the foot, and these series of chaos are caused by themselves.

“The opportunity for urban and rural communities to solve employment is not very large. The key is to restore the confidence of entrepreneurs to continue their business, because the government has many ways to combat economic development, and many policies are uncertain.” He said.

Liu Yinquan also believes that after a large number of foreign capital has been withdrawn, the ability of large enterprises to absorb employment has also been greatly weakened. He thought of calling the grassroots, especially rural areas and communities, to absorb employment to alleviate this pressure, but the effect was not great. .

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“Because the jobs provided by urban and rural communities are relatively low-grade, they will not be attractive, and the lack of professionalism will also lead to waste of talents. The number is also limited and not too many.” He said.

High unemployment brings social instability

Li Hengqing believes that if the unemployment rate is too high and the people’s income is too low, the people will have very strong dissatisfaction with this society, which will cause many unstable factors.

“These families go to college at their own expense, but they didn’t expect to face unemployment after leaving the school gate. What kind of mental state will these children be when they enter this state?This powder keg could explode at any moment.“He says.

Regarding the creation of jobs through the development of pension institutions, Li Hengqing pointed out that it depends on whether it can be connected with social practice. After the aging of Chinese society, social services need people too much, but they also need money. Does the society have funds to provide such services? What about service?

He took Beijing as an example. According to the living standards and service conditions, the monthly cost of private elderly care institutions ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 yuan. If the elderly are in poor health and need to be accompanied, they will receive 15,000 yuan. This is only a mid-end service. . “Is China‘s current household income affordable?”

He said, “The living and living conditions of nursing homes are very poor, and the medical conditions are very poor. Chinese society grows old before it gets rich. It is very difficult for this society to have such a wealth to support this industry. Under such circumstances, can these industries be able to What about driving the entire employment? The economic foundation does not exist.”

Li Hengqing noticed that recently, some cities have launched some high-end talent recruitment plans, giving special preferential conditions, including hundreds of thousands of housing subsidies, parking spaces, etc. “But how many so-called talents meet their preferential conditions? Undergraduate Can graduate students have it? Impossible.”

He pointed out that a benign society should be full of employment opportunities, and there are employment opportunities at all levels and at all levels. “It needs to establish a logic, saying that if you can’t find a job, blame yourself, you are not a talent, you can’t blame the society, and don’t cause social instability. Through this method, they completely rely on propaganda to achieve two goals, one is Deception, the other is to maintain stability.”

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