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The Honorable Ingrid Bisa, confirmed member of the League for Treviso. “Priority bills”

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The Honorable Ingrid Bisa, confirmed member of the League for Treviso.  “Priority bills”

Ingrid Bisa, former city councilor of Cavaso del Tomba, a lawyer specializing in civil law, will continue to represent the League in Parliament: confirmed in the Chamber, where she had landed in 2018.
The confirmation of the voters has arrived, will it be a nineteenth Legislature in the sign of continuity, as far as you are concerned?
«I will put in the same commitment that I had in the previous one. Over the years I have worked in the Justice Commission, I have been entrusted with various positions such as that of vice president of the Council for Authorizations and secretary of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the death of David Rossi.

The priorities are those that we see every day in everyday life: first of all the increases in electricity and gas prices that are gripping businesses and artisans. For this, the government must take office as soon as possible and start working immediately. Obviously, another of the priorities for us Venetians is autonomy, which we hope will arrive in the first months of this legislature ».
Chapter increases: citizens and companies are worried, entrepreneurs report the risk of bankruptcies in series, how much time do we have left?
«We must run, act immediately. I was on the phone with a local entrepreneur who was evaluating the conversion of the type of induced machinery from methane to diesel.

There is a lot of concern, the government must take office as soon as possible and take urgent and substantial measures. In this sense, a budget deviation is absolutely necessary for me ”.
Businesses are also asking to act quickly with regard to the need for manpower. There are those who ask to widen the meshes of immigration, what do you think?
«I think the question of school education is central. We need to focus on technical institutes. It is not a problem that arose now, this staff shortage has increased for a decade.

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Businesses need immediate insertion into the company. And in many realities, there is the will of young people from Veneto to join: the companies that I have heard and with which I have shared this problem say that with patience, looking for, the possibility of training our children who come out of school exists ».
You cited autonomy as a priority: do you think it is more or less close, with this government, to the progress made so far?
“Absolutely closer, with a center-right government, and an agreement at the start of the campaign, we shouldn’t have any obstacles. There is a desire to bring the issue to the Council of Ministers as soon as possible.

In terms of timing, I can’t say a day or a year, as a Venetian who voted for the referendum, and as a parliamentarian of the Republic elected in Veneto, I hope it will be as soon as possible ».
As a lawyer, what do you think of Carlo Nordio as a possible Minister of Justice?
«I had the honor of meeting David Rossi in the commission of inquiry, he was a technician in aid of the same commission.

He is a person I respect and respect for his personal experience. We have proposed another name of equal value, Giulia Bongiorno, for which I have equal esteem. It will not be me who will decide who will be the Minister of Justice, certainly they are two people who have technical depth who, speaking of justice, have the right authority.

Speaking of justice, we have seen that there are several issues to be resolved: there are companies that do not invest in Italy because justice is slow and you cannot wait five or six years for a first-degree sentence “.
Let’s go back to the crisis and price increases. Citizens are wondering when the storm will pass, businesses speak of another 6-12 months in front of very critical. Do they come from the territory you find? Do you feel like making a prediction?
“The crisis arrived so quickly, in a very short time, that I hope in just as little time a solution will be found to give breath to SMEs, which are 99.9 percent of our Veneto and Italy, and to families.

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So I hope the situation improves in six months. The destinies of businesses and families are linked: the well-being of the former also helps the latter ».

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