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The hornworm threatens cassava crops in northern Cauca – news

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The hornworm threatens cassava crops in northern Cauca – news

The ICA carries out phytosanitary surveillance activities in the presence of this pest.

In order to monitor the presence of the hornworm – Erinnyis Ello – in cassava crops in the northern area of ​​Cauca, the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) carries out phytosanitary surveillance activities, including technical support visits and communication workshops. of the risk.

The sessions have been carried out in the municipalities of Buenos Aires, Caloto, Caldono, Santander de Quilichao and Guachené, in which more than 197 small and medium-sized producers have participated, who have been trained in topics of great importance such as risk identification actions. , prevention, surveillance and monitoring.

Nearly 700 hectares of crops have been registered in the area and it is expected that these activities can prevent the spread of this pest to other producing areas where it is not yet registered, thus reducing the impact on productive systems and strengthening capacities. of producers to prevent the presence of this worm in their crops, which has increased due to the El Niño phenomenon in the country.

Likewise, the Biological control is a useful tool within integrated management. It requires constant monitoring as a preventive measure, avoiding the occurrence of severe attacks.

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