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The integration of culture and tourism brings vitality to consumer markets everywhere_China Net

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2024 Spring Festival sees a boom in cultural and tourism activities, stimulating consumer market

As the 2024 Spring Festival approached, a wave of cultural and tourism activities swept across China, creating a joyful and peaceful festival atmosphere and demonstrating the country’s economic and cultural vitality. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism organized the “Celebrate the New Year with Joy” Spring Festival theme activity, which included 7 major sections and a total of 25 main activities. This coordinated effort helped to promote a stable and orderly cultural and tourism market, effectively ensuring safe production while stimulating consumption potential and enhancing the rebound momentum of the consumer market.

During the eight-day Spring Festival holiday, there were 474 million domestic tourism trips across the country, marking a year-on-year increase of 34.3%. Domestic tourists spent a total of 632.687 billion yuan on travel, a year-on-year increase of 47.3%. These figures represent a significant increase in travel and tourism activity compared to previous years.

The surge in cultural and tourism activities during the Spring Festival has contributed to a “hot” consumer market, with total passenger flow in key business districts across the country increasing by 73% year-on-year. Popular tourist destinations such as Chongqing’s Ciqikou Ancient Town and Hongya Cave, as well as scenic spots in other regions, have experienced a significant influx of visitors.

In an effort to stimulate festival consumption, various regions across China have launched special activities and measures to benefit the people. More than 600 million yuan in cultural and tourism consumption subsidies were issued during the Spring Festival, providing opportunities for the people to watch performances, visit scenic spots, taste delicious food, and stay in hotels at discounted rates. Additionally, areas such as Jiangsu, Yunnan, Shandong, Guangxi, and Heilongjiang have offered ticket discounts and consumer coupons to provide tourists with a more convenient and affordable travel experience.

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The 2024 Spring Festival also saw a trend of “North-South” travel, with a surge in travel to escape the cold and explore the ice and snow economy. This phenomenon has led to an increase in travel demand, with northern tourists heading south to Hainan and Guangdong, and southern tourists venturing north to experience ice and snow tourism in places like Heilongjiang and Liaoning.

The increase in cultural and tourism activities and the surge in consumer market activity during the Spring Festival are expected to contribute to the overall stability and growth of the economy. President Liu Yuanchun of Shanghai Finance University emphasized the importance of expanding consumption as a priority in economic development, suggesting that government departments introduce consumption subsidy policies to stabilize social expectations and boost the confidence of economic entities.

The 2024 Spring Festival has not only provided a platform for cultural celebrations and tourism experiences but has also contributed to the economic vitality and growth of the country as a whole.

[Editor in charge: Zhao Chao]

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