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The interference of politics – Christian Raimo

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The interference of politics – Christian Raimo

“Ready Is The Essential? Hello, it’s the interference of politics “
“I didn’t understand, I’m sorry”
“It is the interference of politics. We had to call you for some time “
“But I didn’t understand who you are”
“We are an informal group of consultants, different people, various types of contracts, for example I am VAT paid directly by the administration, but there are party employees, officials, bag holders, as you would say”
“And why is he calling us?”
“Simple: in our opinion, in your newspaper there are a whole series of things that can be improved… For example, give very little space to the press releases of the regions. You have published two articles on Catanzaro and Taranto without talking to us first “
“But who with you?”
“A couple of days ago Susanna, Isvic communications officer called you … You left her waiting”
“It is an institute that deals with the promotion of the territory. Wherever there is territory, it promotes it … You talk a lot about territory, if you want I can read the press release to which we would like to give space this week … It is about the reform of innovation “
“The innovation of what?”
“I would leave this vague, the important thing is that the names of the parliamentarians who are working on this reform are mentioned… Do you know Adalberto Pellegrini? He is a young politician from Irpinia, he will lead the way … You should report his statements before the others “
“But about what?”
“For example this morning, there is one about the calmieri. I am sending it to you … “
“The calmieri of what?”
“And then Annalisa De Frati, you should also keep an eye on her… Last night she was on Rai news. Ligurian, expert in clay, her father an old socialist. Make a cover on clay … Little is said about it “
“But let’s try to make the newspaper differently here …”
“We’ve seen it, but you can’t”
“In what sense, excuse me?”
“We will begin to be more”
“Excuse me, I am not following you, and then they are ringing at the door and I have another phone call waiting for a while that I have to answer …”
“I know, they are two colleagues. Carla and Dario: very talented young people. Carla came directly to the editorial office to bring you some informative material. All in color. Dario, if you give him ten minutes, he illustrates how we thought some interviews … We’ll talk to you later “
“Yes, I’ll call you back around four, from another number with another name … We can also find two thousand season tickets paid for by Cresmit”
“Il Cresmit?”
“Do you see? We already agree ”.

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