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The Intermunicipal Veterans Sócrates Valencia advances

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The Intermunicipal Veterans Sócrates Valencia advances

Julián Andrés Santa

The Sócrates Valencia Intermunicipal Veterans Tournament is one of the most traditional in the region, which is now celebrating 24 years of its creation and stands out for bringing the celebration and spectacle of this sport to the municipalities of the Coffee Region that do not have professional football but every weekend they vibrate with their teams accompanying them and enjoying the good game in the category for over 40 years.

Arturo Parra, organizer of the contest, highlights the importance that this tournament has gained due to the seriousness of its organizers and thanks the sponsorship of the businessman from Pereira, Sócrates Valenica.

This Sunday the fifth day will begin with the following commitments to be played: for group A, in Santa Rosa: 1:30pm. Coffee Tour vs Friends Viterbo. In Bethulia: 3:30pm. Betulia vs The King Barbería. In Marseille. 1:30pm. La Finquita Marsella vs Selection Apia. In Quinchía: 1:30pm. Quinchia Academic vs. El Vivero La Virginia.

For group B, in Viterbo: 3:30pm. Viterbo Professors vs. The Virginia Meat Fair. For group C, in Belén de Umbría: 3:30pm. Hierarchy FC Belén vs Los del 50 Supía. In Syria: 11:30am. Yeimons Jeans Belalcázar vs Dinamo Riosucio. In Sipirra: 4pm. Sipirra vs. Alférez Real Anserma experience. In La Felisa: 3:30pm. Besiktas Chaín Supía vs Risaralda, Caldas.

Likewise, the following duels remain pending: Self-service Marseille vs Catedráticos Viterbo. Balboa FC vs. Veteranos FC Juventus Santa Rosa vs. La Feria de las Carnes Virginia. Real Tatamá Santuario vs Academia El Conductor La Virginia

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Photo: Squad of The King Barbería Pereira.


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