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The jungle did not want to devour them!

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The jungle did not want to devour them!

“Surely the jungle devoured them” I told my sister when we were sadly discussing the news of the four lost indigenous children; I used this phrase remembering the end of the book La Vorágine by José Eustasio Rivera. Our conversation took place when only a week had passed since the accident of the plane in which the children were traveling. He considered that it was already a miracle that they had survived the plane crash… But what about two miracles?! My sister looked at me and predicted with a smile: “I think they are going to be rescued alive,” she emphasized.

And he continued: “The girl is an indigenous woman from the Huitotos Indians. I’m sure she has the knowledge to survive and save her little brothers. Which neither you nor I could do.” I stare at her while she asked myself how could someone –especially children- survive the Maelstrom, that jungle that represents the chaotic and devouring force of Nature.

An ecosystem that is characterized by its mystery, by being voracious and above all relentless. If my sister had asked me to bet with her, I would have. I explained to him that day about the diversity of poisonous creatures and predators that inhabit the jungle. I also did it on the hostile and dense terrain. And I finished by warning him about the weather conditions of extreme humidity, storms and swollen rivers that there would surely be. She smiled and told me: “You’ll see Rodri, you’ll see”

Three weeks after our conversation, the second miracle occurred. Two conclusions… My sister is a witch and the jungle mysteriously did not want to devour them.

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