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The key technologies for sustainability in companies this 2023

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The key technologies for sustainability in companies this 2023

Companies are currently rethinking their strategies due to different factors such as inflation, the rise in the dollar, the shortage of inputs and other national and international challenges.

It was in this way that technology became a key factor for the sustainability of organizations. A Bain & Company report shows that 70% of companies plan to increase their technology budgets by 2023.

For its part, GTD Colombia found the five technological trends that will determine the transformation of businesses in 2023. The first of these is the Metaverse, the technology that is already making its first advances, became an opportunity to increase the presence brand social and promote new types of products.

On the side of the collaborators, it is important to improve certain remote work processes and as an alternative to build business spaces.

The following are the drones that have also been implemented to improve the processes of the companies and their business model, through inspections, panoramic photographs or topographic images.

Likewise, there is ‘cloud computing’ and virtual desktops, also called cloud, which is currently a secure system that centers the information of companies. For this 2023 the idea is to integrate it with other software such as virtual desktops.

Another key is artificial intelligence that allows process automation and in-depth data analysis. And finally there are the sustainable technologies that bet on a greener future.


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