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The last generation is radicalizing – and wants to follow “Fridays for Future”.

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The last generation is radicalizing – and wants to follow “Fridays for Future”.

An activist from the Last Generation group has glued himself to a street and is blocking an intersection. (Iconic image) Photo: Swen Pförtner/dpa

The so-called last generation is radicalizing – and wants to become the pacesetter of the climate movement. In Italy, the movement collects data from Fridays for Future members.

The recent road and air traffic blockades in several German cities underscore the radicalization of the “Last Generation” climate movement. Partly contrary to existing general decrees, the so-called activists blocked roads and paralyzed airports for several hours last week.

The federal chairman of the police union (GdP), Jochen Kopelke, certified the group as “fanatic”. With this they would “raise the people against themselves”. This is a matter of “great concern” for the police.

“Last generation” sees itself in a “paralegal emergency”

However, the escalation strategy for the “last generation” is no coincidence. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees under President Thomas Haldenwang no reason for observation. However, experts – and some of the movement’s spokesmen themselves – speak openly of a “revolution” as the ultimate goal of the group.

Even leading protagonists of the movement make no secret of the fact that they in a kind of supra-legal state of emergency. According to their own conviction, this legitimizes them to ignore existing laws if necessary. After all, the alleged climate crisis is such a present threat that it is necessary to “interrupt people’s everyday lives”. After all, it is this one that “brings about the catastrophe”.

Supporters of the movement who end up in custody or preventive custody make it clear that they will commit crimes again immediately after their release. The psychologist Maria-Christina Nimmerfroh also explains to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” that the “last generation” is not about concepts at all. Rather, the group sees itself as “the spearhead of a revolutionary idea”.

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International networking is intended to advance the “revolution”.

A “revolution” is also mentioned in an internal strategy paper by the “A22” network, which unites eleven different radical climate groups. It enjoys rain donations from wealthy supporters – including from the USA. In the bundle it says a report of the “worldaccording to:

We expect that revolutionary change (…) will begin and then spread through successful resistance to a national government.”

International networking is seen as a strategic move. It is assumed that “the revolution will spread more because we network with others internationally”.

“Last Generation” wants to appeal to those who are dissatisfied with the competition

In Italy, the “Ultima Generazione” now feels strong enough to attack the competition in their own camp. As it is also in the “worldis calledthey meticulously collect data on members and activists of “Fridays for Future” (FFF).

Accordingly, there is also a strategy paper entitled “Procedures to get ‘Fridays For Future’ to engage in civil resistance”. The aim is to specifically address followers of this group whose personality structure is considered appropriate. The aim is to pry them out of the more legalistic movement or to mobilize them for more militant actions.

Eventually, they want to transform Fridays for Future into a “low-to-medium-level but high-participation civil disobedience organization.” The fact that some FFF supporters took part in militant actions in several countries in September 2022 was commented on as a success story.

“Fridays for Future” continues to focus on “solutions for society as a whole”

The strategy also includes appealing to dissatisfaction. Leaders who are regularly exposed to the media are deliberately left out. Instead, according to the paper, FFF activists should be targeted, who would be “left out of decision-making”. You should then invite them to a “first meeting”.

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At internal discussion events, supporters of the “last generation” should also make a note of whether there are any critical statements by FFF supporters on the course of their own leadership. “Emotional outbursts” are said to occur frequently, and FFF members complained about the course of “pandering” to “neoliberal” parties. As soon as they have gathered a few disappointed FFF supporters at the table, they want to “initiate the process of radicalizing Fridays For Future”.

In Germany, “Fridays for Future” has lost momentum in public. It is true that prominent figures such as Luisa Neubauer still have a strong media presence. However, mass marches like before the corona crisis are no longer in sight. Instead, the “last generation” dominates the headlines.

FFF spokeswoman Annika Rittmann does not see this as a disadvantage. Regarding the tactics of the “Last Generation” she stated:

The climate crisis needs solutions for society as a whole, and we can only find and fight for them together and not by pitting people against each other in everyday life.”

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