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the latest on the growing Smokehouse Creek Fire

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the latest on the growing Smokehouse Creek Fire

Hutchinson County in Texas is facing a dire situation as fires sweep through the area, causing widespread damage and cutting off essential services. The cities of Borger and Fritch are particularly affected, with homes and businesses being destroyed and residents left without water and power.

Emergency Management Coordinator Jerry Langwell described the situation as a “disaster” as evacuees sought shelter at Celebration Family Church in Fritch on Tuesday night. With hundreds of people seeking refuge, the county is grappling with the aftermath of the fires.

In Fritch, water pumps are not functioning due to infrastructure damage caused by the fires, leading to water shortages. Additionally, widespread power outages have left nearly 2,000 people without electricity. Firefighting resources are stretched thin as crews work to contain the flames in various directions.

Governor Greg Abbott’s office has stepped in to provide support, sending aerial firefighting equipment and two disaster recovery task forces to assist with the situation. While evacuations have not been ordered for Borger and other areas yet, the county’s emergency management office is urging residents to stay vigilant and prepare to leave at a moment’s notice.

With multiple fires raging throughout the county, the coordination of response efforts is challenging. The emergency management office took to Facebook to ask for prayers for the safety of everyone involved and advised residents to have a travel bag ready in case they need to evacuate quickly.

As Hutchinson County grapples with the devastation caused by the fires, community members are coming together to support one another and work towards recovery. The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, but it is clear that the road to rebuilding will be a long and difficult one.

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