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The latest report on the epidemic situation in Urumqi: 18 newly confirmed cases, the guarantee personnel do not go out in principle

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On the evening of November 18, the Information Office of the Urumqi Municipal People’s Government held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The following is a summary of key points of the press conference:

18 new confirmed cases and 505 new asymptomatic infections in Urumqi

From 00:00 to 21:00 on November 18, there were 18 newly confirmed cases in Urumqi, including: 4 cases in Tianshan District, 5 cases in Shayibak District, 4 cases in High-tech Zone (New Urban District), 1 case in Shuimogou District, There were 2 cases in Kaikai District (Toutunhe District) and 2 cases in Midong District. There were 505 new asymptomatic infections, including 99 cases in Tianshan District, 95 cases in Shayibak District, 93 cases in High-tech Zone (New Urban District), 58 cases in Shuimogou District, 81 cases in Economic Development Zone (Toutunhe District), 79 cases in Midong District. If it is found in isolation medical observers, high-risk areas, closed-loop management units, and community nucleic acid screening, it will be transferred to designated medical institutions or shelter hospitals for treatment or isolation observation. Nine new confirmed cases were cured and discharged from hospital, and 378 new cases of asymptomatic infections were released from medical observation.

Urumqi City Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters Issues Epidemic Prevention Tips for Supply Guarantees

Sun Ru, head of the comprehensive team of the social prevention and control group of the Urumqi Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, notified the epidemic prevention tips for supply guarantee personnel.

In order to effectively consolidate the phased achievements of Urumqi’s epidemic prevention and control, ensure the efficient operation of the supply guarantee system and the safe and smooth supply channels, so that residents and friends can buy with confidence and use with more confidence, Urumqi City combines the current reality to ensure residents’ food, Practitioners in all aspects of the supply of daily necessities such as medicines, including market distribution personnel, transit personnel, sales terminal personnel such as convenience stores, vegetable stores, and pharmacies, and community material distribution personnel, implement more refined closed-loop management of the entire chain.

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In terms of daily life, the counties and industry departments in the region should guide enterprises and places to provide accommodation for guarantee personnel in accordance with the principle of single room for one person. If the conditions are limited, they should be separated according to the same team and the same type of work, so as to reduce the density of personnel and reduce the risk of cross-infection . The supply guarantee personnel implement a daily meal sharing system, standardize the disposal of domestic garbage, regularly ventilate the residence, and carry out cleaning and disinfection.

When carrying out work, the guaranteed supply market must scientifically delineate the working area, the staff should not flow across areas, and the distribution personnel responsible for supplying materials in high- and low-risk areas should not cross each other. While doing a good job in personal protection, the disinfection requirements should be implemented. Truck drivers and other transportation personnel do not cross-transport materials between high-risk and low-risk communities, but only pass point-to-point between the supply market, destination communities, and supply stores, and shorten the stay time, and avoid direct contact with others when loading and unloading materials. Convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and other sales terminal practitioners can move among low-risk communities in the community. After delivering materials to the gate of the community in a non-contact manner, they should disinfect their hands. When community cadres, volunteers and other community material distribution personnel receive materials, they must first place the materials in designated places, standardize the implementation of disinfection, and put them aside. When delivering supplies to people in home isolation, special personnel should be designated to provide services to avoid cross-infection.

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In life and work, the health management of guarantee personnel is particularly important. Enterprises and places must be well checked, and guarantee personnel can participate in work only after they have completed booster immunization or sequential vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine. It is necessary to urge all supply guarantee personnel to participate in nucleic acid testing according to the prescribed frequency, and do a good job in daily health monitoring and recording. During the closed-loop management period, supply guarantee personnel will not go out in principle. After going out due to illness, they will follow relevant regulations to ensure that there is no abnormality before returning to work.

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