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The leading group of the Central Political and Legal Committee held the 2022 annual democratic life meeting. Chen Yixin presided over and delivered a speech

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2023-02-06 10:23:42
Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network


Bao Jing, all-media reporter of the Rule of Law Daily

On February 3, the leading group of the Central Political and Legal Committee held the 2022 annual democratic life meeting, taking the democratic life meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee as a benchmark, with the aim of “comprehensively implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and deeply understanding the decisive significance of the ‘two establishments'” , strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, achieve “two maintenances”, unite and lead party members, cadres and the masses to implement the major decision-making arrangements made by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with a spirit of hard work” as the theme, Closely combine ideas, style of work and actual work, thoroughly investigate and clarify problems, seriously conduct party analysis, and earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism. Chen Yixin, secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, presided over the meeting. Relevant comrades from the 15th Central Supervision Group and the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Group of the Central Office attended the meeting for guidance.

In order to successfully hold this democratic life meeting, the leadership team of the Central Political and Legal Committee made serious preparations, carefully organized study and seminars before the meeting, and extensively solicited opinions from party members and cadres of central political and legal units and agencies through symposiums, written letters, and setting up suggestion boxes. suggestions. The members of the team conducted heart-to-heart talks frankly, and carefully wrote the comparative inspection materials and speech outlines.

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The meeting notified the implementation of the rectification and reform of the special democratic life meeting on party history study and education and political and legal team education and rectification. On behalf of the leadership team, Chen Yixin made a comparative inspection, conducted an in-depth inspection and analysis around the “six aspects” determined by the Party Central Committee, and clarified the direction of efforts and improvement measures. Chen Yixin took the lead in conducting a personal comparison and inspection. The members of the leadership team, Yi Bai, Wang Hongxiang, and Deputy Secretary-General Yang Chunlei spoke one by one and criticized each other. Everyone met each other openly and honestly, exchanged ideas, examined problems, put forward opinions, and clarified the direction. They received the effect of blushing, sweating, and cheering, and achieved the purpose of enhancing consensus, strengthening unity, and promoting work.

In his concluding speech, Chen Yixin emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the combination of “immediate reform” and “long-term establishment”, carry out rectification seriously and pragmatically, and strive to improve the team’s ability to discover and solve its own problems.

——We must take the lead in strengthening political construction, resolutely defend the “two establishments” and achieve “two maintenances”. Adhere to the party’s absolute leadership over political and legal work, strictly implement the “Regulations on Resolutely Maintaining the Centralized and Unified Leadership of the Party Central Committee” and other system regulations of the Central Political and Legal Committee, strengthen political construction, improve political capabilities, and ensure the party’s line, principles, policies and major decisions and arrangements of the party center In the political and legal committee, the implementation is effective without compromise.

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——We must take the lead in strengthening the theoretical arm, and consciously use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to guide the direction. It is necessary to conscientiously study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, carry out thematic education in a solid manner, carefully organize the investigation of the “Ten Topics”, transform the learning results into innovative ideas and measures to promote political and legal work, and reflect the new security pattern to ensure the new development pattern come up.

——We must take the lead in strengthening the spirit of struggle, and strive to create a new situation in political and legal work in the new era. We must always maintain the fighting spirit and courage of “the more difficult and dangerous the more forward”, strengthen the bottom line thinking, improve the fighting skills, pay attention to the art of fighting, resolutely prevent and defuse various risks that endanger national security and social stability, and accelerate the construction of a higher level of safe China, Rule of law in China.

——We must take the lead in shouldering the political responsibility of governing the party and the party, and promote the comprehensive and strict development of the party. It is necessary to continuously enhance the political awareness of fulfilling the original mission, take the lead in promoting the party’s fine style of work, be brave in self-revolution, always maintain the sobriety and firmness of “rushing for the exam”, continue to consolidate the achievements of education and rectification, and always maintain a clean and upright political environment.

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Editor: Wang Ruiqin

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