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“Soulbreak is the most important day in spring, play and cry together for Qingming”, it is another year of Qingming.

When paying homage to our ancestors and expressing our grief, there are some people we can never forget, that is, the heroes and martyrs who contributed and sacrificed for the independence of the nation and the prosperity of the country.

In the past, there were many wars, defending the country,

They died heroically and buried their bones in a foreign land.

Today, the mountains and rivers are safe, the country is peaceful and the people are safe,

Find relatives for the martyrs and let the martyrs return home.

On the occasion of Ching Ming Festival, Hebei Provincial Department of Veterans Affairs and Hebei Daily New Media Center continue to launch“Never Forget – I am looking for relatives for the martyrs”Activity, Find relatives for 20 martyrs and burial places for 30 martyrs.

Don’t regret dying for the country, remember the sages and have descendants. Let us find together, please actively provide clues to find the burial places and relatives of these heroes.

  The relative information for the 20 martyrs is as follows

  The information on the burial places of the 30 martyrs is as follows

(The martyrs’ information is organized according to the tombstone information in the cemetery)

  May the loyal souls of the martyrs be comforted

  May the martyr’s name last forever

  Looking for relatives for the martyrs, you and I will jointly relay

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