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The “Literary Quintet” is ten years old | TUCcurrent

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The “Literary Quintet” is ten years old |  TUCcurrent
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On May 16, 2023, the organizational team invites you to a special round about the participants’ favorite books in the university library

On May 16, 2023, the time has come: The “literary quintet” at Chemnitz University of Technology celebrates its tenth birthday! On this occasion, starting at 7:30 p.m., several members of Chemnitz University of Technology will be presenting their favorite books in the “IdeenReich” of Chemnitz University Library, Straße der Nations 33. Featuring Paul Stewart’s Twig in the Darkwood illustrated by Chris Riddell, Bernhard Schlink’s The Granddaughter, Terry Pratchett’s Everything Sense, Chevy Stevens’ Still Missing and Carols Ruiz Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind. .

The philosophical faculty represented on the podium Prof. Dr. Bernadette Malinowski, holder of the professorship in Modern German and Comparative Literature and co-founder of the event format, Tobias Frank, student in the Master’s program in Intercultural German Studies, and Samantha Fuchs and Dena Wyanett Weigel, both of whom are studying German Studies in their Bachelor’s degree. However, Prof. Dr. med. Guntram Wagner, holder of the professorship for composite materials and composite materials at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and Karolaöpferl, research assistant at the junior professorship of sociology with a focus on technology at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and at the professorship of media informatics at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Is “Twig in the Dark Forest” the favorite book of Prof. Dr. Bernadette Malinowski? Reads Prof. Dr. Guntram Wagner has bound works with exciting material to balance his work with composite materials and is he a fan of Chevy Stevens? Is “The Shadow of the Wind” Tobias Frank’s favorite book because it takes place in Spain? Does Dena Wyanett Weigel love Terry Pratchett? Does Karola Koepferl even have a favorite book or does she only read spreadsheets? Will Samantha Fuchs complete her bachelor’s degree with a thesis on “The Granddaughter”? Or is everything actually completely different? Who names which book as his favorite book and why, will only be revealed on May 16, 2023. Angela Malz, head of the Chemnitz University Library, will guide you through the anniversary edition of the “literary quintet”. Admission is free as always, the “Realm of Ideas” can be accessed via the Street of Nations entrance.

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(Author: Aletta Beck)

Mario Steinebach

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