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The little women on the SND stage fell asleep for a while

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The little women on the SND stage fell asleep for a while

When director Greta Gerwig filmed a new adaptation of the famous American novel in 2019 Little womenit was a triumph.

Of the six nominations for the Oscars, she converted only one, but that did not change what she managed to do – she gave the voice of the writer Louisa May Alcott, who wrote the novel one hundred and fifty years ago as one of the first fighters for women’s rights, an absolutely contemporary drive. She captured his essence and that’s why he was successful.

It is said that this film processing also inspired the dramaturgy of the Slovak National Theatre. In addition, according to the words of dramaturg Darina Abrahámová, after the experiments, the creators wanted to close the drama season in SND with something comprehensible and at the same time new.

Their ambition basically succeeded: it’s completely understandable and it’s also a new title in the repertoire.

It’s just that it’s the exact opposite of the movie (and novel) that inspired them so much. How is this even possible when the characters and the plot match?

Božidara Turzonová as Aunt Marchová in the production Little Women. Photo – Ľuboš Kotlár
Barbora Andrešičová as Jo and Dávid Uzsák as Professor Bhaer. Photo – Ľuboš Kotlár

Both in the book and on stage

Let’s start with the better aspects of the production that premiered over the weekend.

The casting of the four March sisters basically worked out. It is said that the director Marián Amsler used specific faces for the characters when reading the novel – Petra Vajdová as MegAnnaMária Janeková as BethJana Kovalčiková as Amy and Barbora Andrešičová as Jo.

Four sisters and their journey through adolescence

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