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The longest lake-bottom tunnel in China officially opens to traffic-IT and traffic-cnBeta.COM

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The longest lake-bottom tunnel in China-the Taihu Tunnel (hereinafter referred to as the “Taihu Tunnel”) on the Changzhou-Wuxi section of the Suxi-Changzhou South Expressway was opened to traffic on the 30th.On the same day, the opening of the Changzhou-Wuxi section of the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou South Expressway was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. With the opening button pressed, the vehicles waiting from the entrance of the high-speed Nanquan passed through the turnstiles, taking the lead in experiencing the fun of “a tunnel across the lake”.


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Taihu Tunnel is officially opened to traffic. Photo by Sun Quan

The Changzhou-Wuxi section of the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou South Expressway is located in southern Jiangsu, crossing the Taihu Lake and constructing the second expressway between Shanghai and Nanjing. It is the “fifteen shots” of the “15 shots, six verticals and ten horizontal” expressways in Jiangsu Province. An important part, it is also the main road of intercity traffic in the Yangtze River Delta.

The reporter learned that there are 7 interchanges on the Changzhou-Wuxi section of the Suxi-Changzhou South Expressway, 2 road tunnels at Taihu Lake and Yaoxian Mountain, 1 Taihu Bay Service Area, 2 clearing rescue sites, and 4 interchange ramp toll stations. Place. Among them, the 10.79-kilometer Taihu Tunnel is currently the longest lake-bottom tunnel in China. Its cross-section is in the form of a folded arch, two-hole and one-tube gallery, with a single hole on both sides having a clear width of 17.45 meters and a clear height of 7.25 meters, with a pipe gallery in the middle.

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Nanquan Station is ready to be put into use.Sun Quanshe

“Taihu tunnel structural concrete has high requirements for anti-cracking and anti-seepage. The 1.4-kilometer long cofferdam and foundation pit are located in the 8 to 15-meter deep silt section at the bottom of the lake. It combines ultra-long water cofferdams, long and large deep foundation pits, and various supporting forms for construction. The wading operation has gone through four flood periods.” According to the relevant person in charge of the China Communications Third Shipping Bureau, during the construction process, the Taihu Tunnel was constructed by submerged cofferdams, and the total length of steel plate (pipe) piles was 4.2. 10,000 meters, the total volume of pouring concrete reaches more than 2 million square meters, and the excavation of the tunnel foundation pit reaches more than 10 million square meters.

With the goal of “safety, intelligence, green, and comfort”, the builders combine 5G technology, Beidou precise positioning, fiber detection, multi-target radar tracking, spectral detection, big data analysis and other technologies to wake up the system through visual fatigue and traffic incident detection And early warning system, intelligent stepless dimming lighting system and tunnel ventilation operation energy-saving system, etc., promote the deep integration of modern high-tech and highway construction, and build the Taihu Tunnel into an intelligent tunnel.

Wait for the high-speed “early adopters” vehicles.Sun Quanshe

“Our whole family is very concerned about the progress of the Taihu Tunnel. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to experience the Taihu Tunnel on the day of opening.” On the 30th, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Wuxi who had experienced the convenience of the Taihu Tunnel by car, told reporters that his hometown is in Yixing and he works. In Wuxi Economic Development Zone, there used to be more time spent traveling between the two places. After the Taihu Tunnel was opened, it only took more than 8 minutes to drive from the entrance of Nanquan to the exit of Mashan. “The main reason is to save time and cost. Whether it is when I go home or when my parents come to see me, it is very convenient, as if it is’tailor-made’ for me.” Mr. Wang said jokingly.

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On-site meeting for the opening of the Changzhou-Wuxi section of the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou South Expressway.Sun Quanshe

Earlier, the official website of the Department of Transportation of Jiangsu Province has issued a notice, announcing the tolls of the Changzhou-Wuxi section of the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou southern expressway. According to the notice, the Wuxi non-commercial non-commercial ETC set passenger car with an approved capacity of 9 seats or less, which passes through the Taihu Tunnel from Huazhuang Interchange, Nanquan Interchange, Junzhang Interchange, and Mashan Interchange, will be discounted at 15 yuan per train. Fees are not shared with the 5% discount on ETC vehicles; the discount period is 2 years. (Finish)

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