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The lot in Villanueva is practically ready to build a Unitropic headquarters – news

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The lot in Villanueva is practically ready to build a Unitropic headquarters – news

An alliance between the State and the farmers of the Arauca region dedicated to the cultivation, especially, of cocoa, proposed by President Gustavo Petro to make the transformation of the territory effective.

During the Territorial Meeting Economies for Life, which was held in the municipality of Arauquita, Arauca, the president explained what commitments must be made effective by both the State and the small cocoa farmers.

For the head of state, this process begins with a territorial dialogue between the farmers themselves who have discovered that Arauca cocoa could be among the best in the world, because it is aromatic, it is profitable, it produces wealth, therefore, better living conditions. .

However, he said that a first problem must be overcome: how to reduce the presence of cadmium – a heavy and toxic metal – in the soil due to the cultivation of cocoa.

This is an issue where the Government must help “because a farmer alone is not going to discover chemistry, that has to be at a university, which could be in Saravena, Arauca.

For the industrialization of cocoa, which would be the next step, the associativity of farmers is necessary to begin to industrialize not only cocoa, but also milk, bananas, etc.

The Head of State proposed several alternative economic models: the capitalist one, where the factory is owned by a single owner and the peasant works and receives a salary; the socialist model that failed; the state model, where the factory belongs to the State that provides the money, or the model of the peasant association that gives strength to the cocoa grower.

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And who provides the money?

On the economic issue he said that “setting up a factory is not born by the Holy Spirit”, then he suggested that the Agrarian Bank provide the money and the farmers pay as a credit with the production during the years that follow and in the end the factory remains in their hands.

“But you have to take the risks if you want to live better: if the processing company in the first stage is worth $15 billion, the Agrarian Bank has to commit to putting those resources in and you commit to having a strong organization. If we do it well, we will have wealth in the region,” he considered.

Then new problems come: knowledge about bananas, cocoa, milk, water, etc., and for this you need the university.

In conclusion, President Petro recalled that the commitments are: “the Government has to facilitate subsidized credit with the Agrarian Bank at low interest; The university has to appear, the money from the highway has to appear; Technical assistance to help the peasantry has to appear, and you, the producers, offer your associativity, your knowledge and your work. “Let’s join our forces to transform the region, that is, we make an association to build peace.”

Source: Presidency of the Republic

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