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The loyalists of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship who are accused by the UN of crimes against humanity

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The loyalists of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship who are accused by the UN of crimes against humanity

Headline: UN Report Concludes Senior Nicaraguan Officials Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

The United Nations Group of Human Rights Experts on Nicaragua (GHREN) presented a new report on Thursday, February 29 in Geneva, Switzerland, implicating dictator Daniel Ortega, sanctioned vice president Rosario Murillo, and other senior state officials in crimes against humanity in Nicaragua. The report calls for these officials to be investigated for their potential roles in the violations and abuses outlined.

The identified officials include President of the National Assembly Gustavo Porras, Attorney General Ana Julia Guido, Judicial Branch Magistrate Marvin Aguilar, and Vice Minister of the Interior Luis Cañas. These officials are accused of committing acts that violate the human rights of Nicaraguans, according to the report.

Gustavo Porras, who has been president of the National Assembly since 2017, has enacted repressive laws that have targeted the media and political opponents. He has been sanctioned by the United States and Canada for his actions. Porras has made statements suggesting that those who commit treason lose their nationality, and has been involved in the persecution of political prisoners.

Ana Julia Guido, the Attorney General of Nicaragua, has a history of fabricating cases against political prisoners and their families. She has faced sanctions for her role in the repression of protesters and activists. Guido has been accused of participating in state repression against various groups, including religious figures.

Marvin Aguilar, the former president of the Supreme Court of Justice, was also implicated in the report for his role in supporting the Ortega-Murillo regime. Aguilar, who has a background in intelligence and security services, has been sanctioned by the United States for his actions.

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Luis Cañas Novoa, the general commissioner of the Ministry of the Interior, has been accused of prohibiting entry into the country for critics of the regime and removing passports. Cañas, a founding member of the Sandinista Police, has been involved in intelligence and security operations for decades.

The UN report has called for judicial investigations into these officials and for Nicaragua to be held accountable for its state responsibility in these human rights violations. The international community is now closely monitoring the situation in Nicaragua as these officials face scrutiny for their actions.

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