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The majority presidency praises the royal management of the earthquake’s effects… and intervenes to address the “confusion”

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The majority presidency praises the royal management of the earthquake’s effects… and intervenes to address the “confusion”

On Thursday, Aziz Akhannouch, Prime Minister and head of the National Rally of Independents, chaired a meeting with Abdel Latif Wehbe, Secretary-General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, and Nizar Baraka, Secretary-General of the Istiqlal Party, as leaders of two of the majority parties, which focused on developments in the political, economic and social circumstances in our country.

The Presidency of the Government Majority stated, in a statement, that it highly commends the wisdom and insight of King Mohammed VI in the effective and immediate management of the effects of the earthquake that our country was exposed to, and the King’s multi-dimensional vision related to launching a huge program to address the remnants of the earthquake, through redress and support for the affected families, rebuilding housing and rehabilitating the country. Damaged infrastructure, breaking isolation, rehabilitating territorial areas, and promoting social and economic development in the targeted areas.

The Presidency of the Government Majority expressed “the comprehensive mobilization of all ministerial sectors and their affiliated facilities, and engaging with great will in implementing this urgent program within the framework of precision, integration, efficiency, speed of completion and good governance of the various axes of this program in order to restore shelter and assist families and citizens affected by this natural disaster and launch programs.” For local development at the economic and social levels.”

The communication indicated that the presidency of the government majority expresses its high appreciation for the spirit of national mobilization and national cohesion behind King Mohammed VI, which was expressed by all Moroccans inside and outside the country, as well as for the spirit of solidarity, cooperation, sacrifice and solidarity that characterized the interaction of citizens with the victims of the earthquake, and their support for all those affected by this disaster. Natural capital, which demonstrated the rootedness of authentic Moroccan values ​​in the depth and conscience of the Moroccan people, which is a real capital that only an authentic nation and a great state owns. It also acknowledges the efforts made by various components of civil society to alleviate the suffering of citizens affected by the earthquake.

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The Presidency of the Government Majority expressed its “high praise for the great role played by the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, the National Security, the Auxiliary and Civil Defense Forces, the territorial authorities, and health personnel, including doctors, nurses, technical assistants, and various technical departments affiliated with state facilities, and the effectiveness of their interventions in order to rescue those affected and treat the wounded.” And to support the population in this difficult circumstance.” It also acknowledges “all the rescue teams from friendly and brotherly countries that provided support and assistance.”

The Presidency of the Government Majority highly appreciated “the praise and praise expressed by many countries, international and regional organizations, and international observers regarding the high efficiency demonstrated by our country in dealing with the remnants of the earthquake,” and considered that “some of the discordant external voices that attempted to exploit the earthquake disaster for political purposes did not increase the front.” The interior of our country is nothing but cohesion, unity and solidarity.”

The presidency of the government majority praised “the spirit of harmony, solidarity and cooperation that characterizes the work of the various components of the government majority,” and emphasizes “continuing and strengthening coordination, consultation and joint work on the occasion of political entry, dealing immediately and effectively with various issues and files that concern government work, and accelerating the implementation of various royal directives.” And continue to download the contents of the government program.”

After discussing the general directions of the draft finance law for the year 2024, the government majority presidency concluded by “noting the various contents of this project, through which the government will continue to implement various social programs, especially those related to the royal workshops related to strengthening the pillars of the ‘social state’ in the sectors of health, education, employment, and housing.” In addition to continuing the government plan aimed at creating economic recovery and confronting climate challenges, especially those related to managing the problem of water stress.”

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She highly praised the decision taken by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to keep the annual meetings held in the city of Marrakesh and within the specified deadlines. This reflects the great confidence and appreciation that our country enjoys under the wise leadership of King Mohammed VI in the international community, which constitutes recognition of our country’s ability to win various challenges even in difficult times.

It was stated, at the conclusion of the communication, that “in recalling some of the issues that have emerged from practice in general, and which fall within the nature of political work, the leaders of the majority agreed to overcome them and intervene directly to address everything that might disturb the harmony and unity of the majority, and to make greater efforts to advance coordination, cooperation and effective support.” “The current situation today is between the government and its majority in the two chambers of Parliament.”

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