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The man who murdered María Camila in Pitalito goes to jail

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The 27-year-old defendant had been released from prison after serving a sentence for the crime of violent sexual act.

A sectional prosecutor from Pitalito (Huila), presented Jonathan Francisco García Tapias, accused of taking the life of a minor under 10 years of age in events that occurred on January 27, before a judge with a guarantee control function.

According to the investigation, the events occurred in a house in the La Virginia neighborhood of Pitalito (Huila), where the defendant arrived and, apparently, injured the girl with a knife.

The grandmother and the pet tried to help the girl, but they were also attacked with the sharp element. The 67-year-old woman was seriously injured while the dog died in the home.

The two victims were transferred to a hospital in the municipality where the minor died while the grandmother is in serious health.

The rapid reaction of the authorities, and thanks to the notice of the community, the capture of the defendant today was achieved, a few blocks from the house where the events occurred.

The accused was found in his possession a knife with which he would have committed the crime; In addition, the uniformed observed blood stains on his clothes.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged García Tapias as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of aggravated homicide, attempted aggravated homicide and aggravated animal abuse.

The defendant did not accept the charges and received a measure of custodial confinement in a prison.

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