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The mayor of Juradó was elected to the Departmental Board of Education

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Yina Paola Reales Moreno, secretary of education of Chocó, informed Denio Jiménez Rivas, mayor of Juradó, that he was elected representative of the mayors of the municipalities not certified in education in the Departmental Board of Education, JUDE.

According to Law 115 of 1994 and Law 715 of 2001, the functions of the Jude are:

a) Verify that the policies, objectives, goals and plans drawn up by the Ministry of National Education, with the advice of the National Board of Education, JUNE, are fully fulfilled in Chocó.

b) Verify that the curricula presented by educational institutions comply with the legal criteria, after study and recommendation of the Ministry of Education.

c) Approve professionalization, specialization, updating and improvement plans for teaching and administrative staff presented by the Ministry of Education.

d) Present criteria to the Ministry of Education to set the academic calendar of educational institutions.

This body is made up of:

1. The Governor of the department or his delegate who will preside over it;

2. The Secretary of Departmental Education;

3. The Secretary of the Departmental Treasury or his delegate;

4. The Departmental Planning Secretariat

5. A Mayor appointed by the mayors.

6. Two representatives of the educators.

7. A representative of the teaching directors.

8. A representative of private educational institutions.

9. A representative of the indigenous or peasant communities or one

of black communities.

10. A representative of the productive sector.

11. A representative of young people.

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