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“The Milei bandit stole the plane,” said Maduro about the Emtrasur case

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“The Milei bandit stole the plane,” said Maduro about the Emtrasur case

Maduro Criticizes Argentine President for Confiscation of Venezuelan-Iranian Cargo Plane

In a recent transmission, Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela, lashed out at the President of Argentina, Javier Milei, for the confiscation of the Venezuelan-Iranian Emtrasur Cargo plane. Maduro referred to Milei as a “bandit” and “crazy” for surrendering the aircraft to the United States authorities.

Maduro also made a bold statement regarding Conviasa aircraft, stating that they cannot go to Argentina “because they are stolen.” He accused Milei of stealing the Emtrasur plane from Venezuela, referring to him as “the hero of the far right and the surnames.” The Venezuelan president did not hold back, calling Milei “crazy” and questioning his mental state, suggesting that he may either act crazy or be crazy for allegedly stealing a plane from Venezuela.

The situation escalated last Sunday when Argentina transferred custody of the Emtrasur plane to the United States in compliance with an order from the Court of the District of Columbia. This move has undoubtedly strained diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Argentina.

The confiscation of the Venezuelan-Iranian cargo plane has become a point of contention, sparking a war of words between the two South American leaders. The fallout from this incident could have broader geopolitical implications, as it adds to the already complicated relations between Venezuela, Iran, the United States, and Argentina.

The tensions between Maduro and Milei have brought to light the deep-seated animosity and ongoing power struggles in the region. As this situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how it will impact the already fragile political landscape in South America.

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