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The millionaire that Nacional, DIM and Pereira have taken in Libertadores

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The millionaire that Nacional, DIM and Pereira have taken in Libertadores

The group stage is about to end. In this sense, the three Colombian clubs that are in the competition have reaped several important points, which has allowed them to receive incentives from the conmebol, in wins during the group stage of the Libertadores Cup.

While Deportivo Pereira and DIM continue in the search for qualification to the round of 16, the group of National Athletic He is already installed in the next phase, so he will also receive additional money for being in that instance, which will be played after the summer break in the continent’s leagues.

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Despite this, the three Colombian teams have something in common and that is that they have already made a lot of money in international football. The liberators He has given a lot of money to the clubs for their victories, being an incentive to go out to win in every game, in addition to what it means to be in the most important club tournament in South America.

On Twitter, the list of the 32 clubs and the amount of money they have acquired for the group stage is circulating, being a situation that has left several teams in a very good position in economic matters, while others have not done so well. in this instance of international competition.

How much have Nacional, DIM and Pereira earned in the Libertadores?

According to the list, the first of the three that has obtained the most money So far it is the DIM, which with $3,900,000 dollars appears in fourth place out of the 32 clubs in the competition. However, the Atlético Nacional team it appears lower in the positions in 12th place, but with the same amount from Medellín, the product of three victories.

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Remember that for each win, the conmebol grants an incentive of 300 thousand dollars, which are accumulated in the duration that each team has during the international competition.

Meanwhile, the Deportivo Pereira is located in position 19, product of his two victories against Boca Juniors and Monagas as a local, in his first participation in the Copa Libertadores, with $3,600,000 dollars.

See the complete list of earnings of the teams in the Libertadores:

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