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The Minister of Mines wants to change the statutes of electric companies

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More facts continue to be known within the Ministry of Mines, after former Vice Minister Belizza Ruiz told different media more details about what Irene Vélez said about the adjustments being made in that sector.

The first comment was made to Cambio, about the controversial report presented by Vélez in Davos to argue that Colombia would not sign more exploration contracts because it would already have guaranteed gas reserves until 2042, and which has been said to have technical errors. According to Ruiz, the minister lied when she stated that no official expressed disagreements about the document.

As the former vice minister commented, the Hydrocarbons Directorate expressed the problems of the report. In this sense, Ruiz once again pointed out the errors in the calculation of gas reserves and said, contrary to what the Ministry of Mines affirms, that there are only reserves for about 12 years, but to speak in stricter terms, it would be eight if only proven reserves are taken into account.

In the same way, Ruiz, in an interview for Blu Radio, denounced that the Ministry is making moves to change the statutes of a state electricity company and thus modify the necessary requirements to reach the Management.

“One tries to correct so that major mistakes are not made. There is no crime here. I didn’t like it and that’s why I put my finger on that topic. They want to change the statutes so that the manager’s requirements are broader,” added the former official.

In this way, to reach the Management of the company “Someone who studied Physical Education and had 15 years of experience could apply for Management. That is not admissible within my principles for an electricity company, ”he said.

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He also denounced that Minister Vélez requested that a person from the Government, but not from the Ministry, and whose name she did not reveal, be part of the boards of directors of two energy generating companies.

“She requested the participation of a person who is not an official of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, but is of the Government, to participate in two boards of directors of the same activity. I couldn’t handle it anymore, ”she added.

“It doesn’t make any legal sense. (…) How can the same person participate in two boards of directors of two companies that are competing for the same market? This clearly shows a lack of knowledge of how the electricity market works in Colombia and also violates the law. Competition is also violated. The person that Irene Vélez requests to be included in two boards is not part of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. (…) He is a government official, ”Ruiz said on the same subject to Cambio.

Summons from the Attorney General’s Office

After all these complaints, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation summoned the former Vice Minister of Energy, Belizza Ruiz Mendoza, for next Tuesday, January 31, to give testimony within the disciplinary process for the alleged irregularities related to the document she gave to know the Ministry of Mines called “Balance of hydrocarbon contracts and resources available for the Just Energy Transition”.

The summons was issued by the Disciplinary Investigation Chamber and it is expected to hear its version of the possible shortcomings that may have occurred in its preparation, subscription, use and subsequent publication, as well as the work inputs that served as support for the public opinion.

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Ruiz Mendoza, who will give his testimony under oath, will be the first of several officials who will be summoned by the control body, with the aim of identifying public servants or disciplinary individuals who have participated in the process.

Ruiz resignation

It is worth remembering that at the end of last week the decree was issued through which President Gustavo Petro accepted the resignation of Belizza Janet Ruiz Mendoza, who was the Vice Minister of Energy.

According to the decree, Cristian Andrés Díaz Durán was appointed in that Vice Ministry as manager. The official also works as Technical Director in the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The decree clarifies that Díaz Durán will continue to lead his current duties while the holder of the position is appointed and installed.

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