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The most important news on March 21st

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The most important news on March 21st

Tübingen: The UKT wants to become more sustainable

Desflurane is the brand name of an anesthetic gas that was also used at the University Hospital in Tübingen (UKT) for a long time. The problem: Desflurane is 2540 times more harmful to the climate than CO2. It has therefore not been used at the UKT since last year. However, because alternative means are not too good for the climate either, filters are being tested for the existing devices that partially collect the gas – “in order to reuse it,” explains Holger Diemer. Since July 2022, the head of the finance department has also been the officer for sustainability at the UKT. Together with the new employee Mareike Freund, Diemer is currently creating the first greenhouse gas balance of the university hospital ever. It should be available by the middle of the year. Because the clinic wants to become more sustainable.

TAGBLATT editor Volker Rekittke comments: “It could also be helpful if the city, university and hospital networked more closely and, for example, set up a regular round table on sustainability. This could then be used to talk about the unresolved traffic issue on Schnarrenberg – or about companies that produce fairly and climate-neutrally and that can supply cities and clinics in the future.

Obituary for Jürgen Dilger: The savior of the forest outdoor pool

As a forester, Jürgen Dilger looked after the Mössingen city forest district of Talheim and Öschingen from the mid-1980s until his retirement in 2017. “He was a colleague who had his territory under control, was clearly structured and had precise ideas of how it should work“, says his former colleague Joachim Kern. Jürgen Dilger, the longstanding Öschinger local and Mössinger municipal councilor, died at the age of 68.

Marking cleaning in Bodelshausen: old tires were also there

Old car tires, asbestos sheets, plastic bags and lots of bottles were found on the Bodelshausen marker on Saturday. Around 160 helpers, including many children from local clubs, schools and kindergartens, took part in the campaign. Mayor Florian King was delighted that it was “a record turnout”.

Tübingen is paying more housing benefit again

Madeleine Hetzel has been working in the housing benefit office in Tübingen for four years. “Initially it was said: Yes, you can still do the little housing benefit. But in the meantime it is becoming more and more extensive, ”reported the head of the social committee. No wonder, she writes in her report: “Steadily and strongly rising rents have meant that housing benefit has become an indispensable contribution to securing a livelihood for many people.”

That was read a lot on Monday

Good morning from the online editorial team. The following articles were particularly popular on tagblatt.de yesterday:

Too dry winter: What does that mean for streams and fields?
The winter months were unusually dry: Groundwater levels are lower than they should be. This does not harm the crops.

Dirk Abel is the new mayor in Balingen

With a convincing result chose the Balingen Dirk Abel to their new mayor.

Charging stations at Tübingen train station ready

In the new underground car park at the main station the Stadtwerke will initially release seven spaces. More are to follow.

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