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The most recognized songs of maestro Adolfo Pacheco

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Adolfo Pacheco Anillo was one of the greatest minstrels of Vallenato music thanks to the compositions and lyrics that together with his creativity he left to folklore.
For this reason, EL PILÓN recalls some of the great successes of maestro Pacheco and exalts his love for vallenato.

the big hammock

This hit released on June 1, 1970 was a song that reached the voices of great performers such as Juan Piña, Jhonny Ventura, Los hermanos Zuleta, Jorge Oñate, Juan Carlos Coronell, Alberto Pacheco and Carlos Vives, among many others.

the little owl

This composition by maestro Adolfo Pacheco was released in 1983 by Otto Serge and Rafael Ricardo on the album ‘Muy Nuestros’. It is a song to love, freedom and dignity.

old Michael

This merengue by the composer from Sabana was published for the first time in 1967 by Nasser Sir, accompanied by the guitars of Pedro Rafael Barrios and Gilberto Romero, and the accordion of Ramón Vargas.

the cordovan

This song arose in 1963 and was recorded by the same composer Adolfo Pacheco, in 1964, with the accordion player Humberto Monte.

The painter

This musical work was recorded in 1988, at the reunion of Diomedes Díaz and Juancho Rois.

i surrender majesty

‘I surrender majestad’ was composed in 1983 and was performed by the vallenato singer Beto Zabaleta.

I kissed you

This walk was composed by Alfredo Gutiérrez and performed by Adolfo Pacheco on the album ‘El Sanjacintero’, in 1971.


The maestro Adolfo Pacheco composed this song in 1963 for one of his loves.

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the stumble

This musical work composed by Adolfo Pacheco was interpreted by Diomedes Díaz, Peter Manjarres and Los Hermanos Zuleta.

It’s not black, it’s brown

This musical work in cumbia rhythm was released in 1979 and composed by the Juglar de los Montes de María.

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