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The Municipal Provident Fund Center held a seminar on “Six Haves and Don’ts”

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The Municipal Provident Fund Center held a seminar on “Six Haves and Don’ts”

Release date: 2023-05-29 09:48

Information source: Municipal Provident Fund Center


May 25Day,Municipal provident fund center party group held“Six Have or Not” SymposiumAt the meeting, members of the leadership team surrounded“Six haves and don’ts”, exchanged speeches in close contact with ideas and work practice, deeply investigated the problems, analyzed the reasons, identified the crux of the problem, and proposed targeted improvement measures.Party Secretary Wang Songlinchair the meeting andMake a review summary

Meetingemphasize,wantUnder the above rate, combined with the development of theme education“Five Advances” and deepening the “Four Dare to be the First” practical activities, carry out in-depth“Six Questions”Special seminars, asking about responsibility,Ask about the feelings of the people’s livelihood, ask about the style and image, and ask about the ability and ability.wantImprove the goal of striving, enhance the sense of mission of taking the initiative to take the initiative and strive to be the first; promote the rigorous style of work, improve the working mechanism of setting up the words and setting the action, and implement the small details; strengthen the feelings of serving the people, and stimulate the awareness of the people’s livelihood and action to benefit the people; temper Excellent skills, build a capability system that dares to dare to do, and is good at doing good things.Make every effort to comprehensively promote various tasks and strive to be the first to create excellence, and strive to help the three“Project No. 1” and writing a new chapter of Chinese-style modernization in Jiaxing showed its courage and took the lead.

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