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The new councilor for the budget of Novi Ligure: “We will ask citizens how to spend part of the money”

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NOVI LIGURE. “We are studying a participatory budget: allocate a certain amount to be made to spend by citizens, based on projects that they themselves will present to the council.” Edoardo Moncalvo, a very young councilor of the junta led by Gian Paolo Cabella, introduced himself to the Novesi with this new “social” flavor.Moncalvo, 25 years old, graduating in Law, takes over from Maurizio Delfino and assumes the responsibilities of Planning and Budget, including the competences on Taxes, Heritage, bursar and personnel organization. The new councilor anticipated that when the sum on which citizens can rely to present their project or in any case a proposal is decided: “The Board will establish the investment criteria, upload the most interesting ideas to the institutional website and choose which or what projects to implement. “” After the sudden resignation of Delfino – explained Mayor Cabella – I felt that having reached the middle of the legislature, it is important to renew the youthful spirit of the government apparatus. We want to bring new forces that can represent the desires and feelings of young people, also to prepare us for the future. “” Delfino – added the mayor – had the merits of bringing out unclear situations. Now we will be able to devote ourselves to activities with greater political significance ». “I have already heard many criticisms about the fact that I am too young – said Moncalvo – I am happy to play this role, now the junta is more complete and capable of capturing the attention of young people, many of whom have detached themselves from politics” .Moncalvo was pressed on the contents that will see him as a protagonist of the Novese political scene. “In the meantime, there could be lower revenues and I will have to take this into account – specifies -. The expenditure items will have to concern above all social issues, through the continuation of actions already partially implemented by the administration to tackle this pandemic, such as the Novi bonus for traders, the rental bonus and the funds allocated to pay bills and rents. There are new poor that we will take care of. “Among the first appointments awaiting the new councilor there are the allocations for public works, first of all the resolution of the node of the Zeta 3 urban area, where the exchange that sees in discussion of the area currently occupied by the discount Lidl and that of the former municipal slaughterhouse. “We aim for an equal exchange, if possible – concludes Moncalvo – or in any case it will have to be advantageous for the Municipality to develop this important urban area of ​​the city”.

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