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The new rules for mopeds in Bogotá

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The new rules for mopeds in Bogotá

In recent days, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá published the decree that mentions the changes that users who travel on motorized bicycles through the country’s capital will have to adopt in order to continue circulating.

Some of the novelties for mopeds have to do with the incorporation of new elements such as helmet, license plate, as well as the requirement of a license and SOAT to be able to circulate.

To which mopeds does the new regulation apply?

The measures will be applied to bicycles that use a motor, as well as to electric bicycles that have a cylinder capacity of less than 50 cubic centimeters. Likewise, electric motorcycles with a power of less than 4 kilowatts.

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The new regulations are also related to what is established in Resolution 160 of 2017 compiled by the ninth chapter of Resolution 20223040045295 of August 4, 2022 of the Ministry of Transportation that mentions:

  • Vehicles must circulate in optimum mechanical, environmental and safety conditions.
  • The vehicle must have devices in the front part that project white light and in the rear part that reflect red light, turn signals, rear-view mirrors, license plate and acoustic signal.
  • They may not travel on the sidewalks or platforms, or through any space intended for pedestrian traffic.
  • Transit over pedestrian bridges must be done with the moped turned off and driven manually.
  • They will not be able to travel through bicycle routes or through any type of infrastructure that is designed for the use of bicycles. Nor will they be able to circulate on the roads where the bike path works when it is operating.
  • They may not travel through the exclusive lanes of the TransMilenio system, and must not travel through the preferential lanes for the Integrated Public Transportation System. They will not be able to transit through those routes where the competent authorities expressly prohibit it.
  • Drivers and companions must in any case travel wearing a helmet. Between 6:00 pm and before 6:00 am, or when visibility conditions warrant it, drivers and companions must wear a reflective vest.
  • They must travel through the center of the respective lane.
  • Drivers must carry a traffic license for the vehicle, traffic license, mandatory insurance (SOAT), Certificate of Technical-Mechanical Review and Pollutant Emissions.
  • The control and surveillance of the provisions of this resolution will be the responsibility of the District Mobility Secretariat, which must coordinate its actions with the Transit and Transportation Section of the Bogota Metropolitan Police and the Corps of Civil Traffic and Transportation Agents.
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