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The New Year is celebrated in the prosperous age of dragons·Huayao Yi Township welcomes the Year of the Dragon

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In the prosperous age of dragons, the Huayao Yi Township in China welcomed the Year of the Dragon with a traditional “Dragon Sacrifice” event. The event, also known as “Migahao” in Yi language, is the most solemn ceremony for the Huayao Yi people in Shaochong Town.

The event commenced with the worship of Nagarjuna, followed by various performances along the streets. A procession of dragon and lion dances, accompanied by the beats of gongs and drums, marked the beginning of the celebrations. Along the way, traditional performances such as unicorn dancing, cattle plowing fields, fishermen fishing, and snipe and clam fights added to the festive atmosphere.

Upon reaching the sacrificial platform, the participants drew lots to determine the order of entry into the dragon forest. Here, they engaged in activities such as tearing pine feathers, killing dragon pigs and chickens, and making “dragon eggs” with rice balls, to push the atmosphere of the dragon sacrificial activity to a climax.

Another highlight of the event was the lion New Year greetings and lantern singing, where strong men and children from each village paid New Year greetings to the families participating in the dragon worship activities, all while singing and dancing harmoniously.

The final performance featured various programs that elicited laughter and enthusiasm from the audience. After the performances, everyone, regardless of age or gender, dressed in festive costumes and danced to the music, creating a joyous and festive atmosphere.

The “Dragon Sacrifice” activity carries great cultural significance, embodying the ancient Yi culture and carrying important historical and cultural information. It also reflects the spirit of unity, hard work, and pioneering, as well as the Huayao Yi Township people’s life philosophy of respecting and revering nature. The event is deeply loved by the people during festivals.

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Overall, the event is a comprehensive display of the history and culture of the Huayao people and is marked by its solemnity, warmth, and entertaining nature. It represents the cultural connotation of harmony between nature and man and the warmth and hospitality of the Huayao people. The entire sacrificial scene is described as huge, spectacular, solemn, and pious. With its roots deeply embedded in tradition and history, the “Dragon Sacrifice” event offers a valuable insight into the culture and heritage of the Huayao Yi Township.

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