Home News The no to the EU on the reform of the Land Registry brings together the center-right

The no to the EU on the reform of the Land Registry brings together the center-right

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The no to the EU on the reform of the Land Registry brings together the center-right

Enrico Letta says it “very clearly”. Matteo Salvini “has exceeded the limit”, behaves like “an exponent of the opposition” putting at risk “the resources of the PNRR”. And in fact, the reaction of the leader of the League to the recommendations of the European Commission is perfectly comparable to that of Giorgia Meloni: both accuse Brussels of wanting to increase taxes on the “home of the Italians”.

“In his recommendations it is confirmed that the reform of the Land Registry in the fiscal delegation serves to increase the tax burden on real estate”, attacks the president of Fdi. Salvini is no exception: “If they ask us – replies the secretary of the Northern League before the Federal Council – we reply in Milanese:” taches al tram “, they stick to the tram, we don’t even think about it”. It matters little that in the meantime Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni had made it clear that there is no intention of soliciting the introduction of new house taxes. The climate is warming up, the administrative elections in June are at stake.

Salvini from Genoa returns to relaunch “fiscal peace” anticipating that he wants to talk about it with the premier and Letta replies that the government is put at risk by “the whims of the Democratic Party on the ius soli and the Zan and M5S bill that does not want waste-to-energy plants”. Meloni, on the other hand, focuses on the reform of the competition, and in particular on the affair of the seaside resorts, on which an agreement between the government and the majority seems to be reaching (Salvini himself confirms). From Palazzo Chigi the indication remains the same: by the end of the month – in fact within a week – the Competition must go to the Chamber, with or without an agreement, and in the latter case Draghi has already anticipated that the Government will ask for trust.

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Optimistic government on the margins of agreement

On May 24, the Industry Commission of Palazzo Madama is convened for 12.30. Optimism transpires from the government, based on two central points: possible exceptions to tenders, at the request of the Municipalities for objective impediments, until the end of 2024 and recognition of the company value for the recognition of indemnities, on the basis of accounting books or a sworn appraisal. This is the point of fall.

“We are working on the words,” confirms those in the Senate who are filing the text. Also because there is the awareness that if you vote with confidence, the government amendment that has not yet been voted will automatically fall, containing a shield for the current dealers, protecting them until the end of 2023 from any judicial measures that recognize their abusiveness in based on the sentence of the Council of State. And all the other reformulations would also fall, from local services to hydroelectric, on which the majority already has an agreement.

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