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The noise of the councilors

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The noise of the councilors

The Constitutional uproar of 1991 manufactured direct citizen participation. That he was interested in the public, that he influenced his own decisions, from a constructive dialogue.

Your live intervention, without intermediaries in your decisions.

But in a curious and disrespectful way, certain mayors in Pereira, went over the fence to turn them into messengers, into appendages, into their cheap marshals with substrate in politicking, and other washers, many of them, squeezed by their role as new sovereigns. .

Of supreme leaders of the territory (by the way, these days another new anniversary – already hidden in time – of the popular election of mayors was held, which deserves a debate and many corrections) with plasticine crowns that they molded themselves.

How I would like to see today within that approach, the citizen spending his certain capacity to exercise his primary power in open town meetings, in legislative initiatives, in popular consultations, in other elements with the power of the vote.

But something happens: communes are left without councillors. Let the meager votes be supplanted by domestic ones and a weak presence in their territory. To this add boredom, distrust and disbelief, many times, in that leadership that many of them exercise for their own interests and distributions rather than for the general, community or social well-being.

There is a fracture in many communes, because the role of many councilors goes against the very actions they generate.

It is not strange, now, to see how the power of those who exercise these neighborhood leaderships, close, legitimate, are hidden in petty alliances of heavy egos that do not inflate proposals but rather trigger the construction of collective life in that approach called people’s participation.

On the contrary, they maintain their privileges in crisis. An altered anesthesia in which they have the opportunity to influence. There are corpses of things that eat away at the organization. Today everyone, in the learning of many councilors, believes they are owners of the plot. Small emperors with scattered goals. There is, therefore, a dangerous democratic migration, supplanted by other interests that have altered coexistence and broken neighborhood presence.

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There is no longer social control, much less political. There is a stampede of knowledge exchanged under the cover of silence. There is a crisis in the mechanisms of participation. The citizens, incredulous, do not intervene. Every day he isolates himself from processes that involve community committees and neighborhood meetings.

That is why it is necessary for the Councilors to review their conduct and set a clear example that citizens abide by and respect them and that it is not – on the contrary – the useless bazaar of democracy, which is played daily in the miserable casino of politicking. . The call, therefore, is for a single organization of EDILES.

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