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The normalization project with Israel is impossible… and the “Gaza War” has undermined the values ​​of the West

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The normalization project with Israel is impossible… and the “Gaza War” has undermined the values ​​of the West

Moroccan academic and writer Mohamed Noureddine Afaya said that the genocide committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip is not a war against terrorism as promoted by that entity and its allies in the West, “but rather it is a war of extermination against an entire people to eradicate them from their land, starve them, displace them, and destroy their capabilities,” highlighting that the crimes that The Palestinian people are exposed to it, which has shattered the illusion of normalization with the occupying entity.

This came in an intervention during a symposium organized by the “Abu Bakr al-Qadiri Foundation” in the city of Salé, on Friday evening, on the anniversary of the death of its founder, on the topic “The Palestinian Question and the Truth of Zionism,” in the presence of the Palestinian ambassador to Morocco and a group of intellectuals.

Afaya said, “The illusion of normalization with this entity, whose facts and aggression have been exposed, is the normalization that was intended to be at the expense of the Palestinian cause, and what happened and is happening shows, in concrete terms, that this path is not possible without taking into account the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.” He criticized “the weakness and inability of the Arab regimes, and sometimes the complicity of some of them with the policies of the Zionist state.” He also criticized “the bargaining of regional countries on the Palestinian issue as dictated by their strategic interests.”

The Moroccan academic warned that Turkey and Iran have special accounts in the region that “must be paid attention to, even if they announce their direct support for the Palestinian cause.” He also criticized the position of Western countries on the crimes committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, and their restrictions on freedom of expression by directing the media to adopt a discourse in favor of Israel.

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Afaya began his intervention by pointing out that Moroccans have become accustomed, in their literature and dictionary, to distinguishing between Judaism, to which the number of members in the world does not exceed 15 million, and Zionism and Israel. This is because talking about Judaism in the Kingdom, the speaker added, has a peculiarity due to its human, ideological and cultural roots. For this component in the history of Morocco, and by virtue of the roles it played.

He went on to say: “We have a special relationship with this component, and we are required today, as we deal with a burning topic, which is the truth of Zionism, to succeed in combining the emotional side that suffers as a result of what we see as the waste of human humanity and the uprooting of all aspects of life and livelihood, and a commitment to a degree of rationality from In order to understand the Zionist movement and what has brought its representatives, politically, militarily and in the media, to this degree of barbarism, savagery and sadism.”

Afaya explained that Zionism “not only raped Palestine, but also raped Moroccan Jews, deported them, and deprived Morocco of this component, as they bet (meaning the Jewish Agency established by the Zionist movement) on what they called Jewish outposts, and they considered Morocco to be a destination that must be worked on, and they targeted the regions.” Which has had a dense population of Jews since the beginning of the twentieth century in order to push them to emigrate.”

He went on to say that the Zionist movement, through the Jewish Agency, practiced “what is unimaginable after Israel was founded in 1948 and the Mossad and its accompanying agencies were established, as they organized terrorist operations in Moroccan territory in order to force Moroccan Jews to immigrate,” highlighting that the Zionist movement succeeded. In displacing poor Moroccan Jews, while 80,000 members of the middle class refused to immigrate to occupied Palestine and immigrated to Canada, while thousands of others immigrated to France and Spain “because they were not convinced of the Zionist project.”

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He pointed out that Israel “is a warlike state that created a warlike society. After October 7 (the date on which the military brigades of the Hamas movement carried out the Al-Aqsa Flood operation), all circles, fields and sectors mobilized to enter the war,” noting that it “despise international will and law.” International since its inception.

Afaya criticized the position of the major Western countries regarding the crimes committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip about five months ago, led by the United States of America and Britain, pointing out that they are not only satisfied with protecting Israel with money, weapons and technology, but also support it by threatening countries that oppose Israeli policies. He also pointed out that “at least one billion and 200 dollars have been allocated, since October 7, to purchase editorial boards in newspapers, television, radio, and social media sites.”

He continued, saying: “What happened and is happening demonstrates once again the fall of human rights values ​​in the Gaza cemetery. It is no longer a matter of double standards, but rather of a sadistic aggressive tendency that has dropped all the masks of the West in an ugly way,” adding, “The West has previously betrayed these principles, but today He trampled it down and completely eliminated it from his dictionary.”

Afaya stopped at some of the concepts used to describe what is happening in Palestine, highlighting that the war launched by Israel on Gaza “ended the narrative of the so-called Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the matter is not related to a conflict, but rather to occupation, rape, and the liberation movement.” He added, “There is occupation, rape, and a racist replacement force that wants to expel an entire people from their land, and on the other hand, there is a people who are resisting and struggling to confront one of the most powerful forces in current history.”

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The “Abu Bakr al-Qadri Foundation for Thought and Culture” chose to devote the topic of the meeting, organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of its founder, to the Palestinian issue “to renew the pledge to this sacred cause, drawing inspiration from this anniversary (the anniversary of the death of Abu Bakr al-Qadri) and this personality, the lessons that we do not need to delve into to confront the attack.” The brutality of Zionist colonialism against our brothers in Gaza and the West Bank,” according to the words of the head of the institution, Khaled Al-Qadiri.

The late Abu Bakr Al-Qadiri is considered one of the Moroccan figures who strongly supported the Palestinian cause, as he was one of the founders of the “Moroccan Association for Supporting the Struggle of the Palestinian People” in 1967.

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