Home News The number of infected people in Shanghai has exceeded 20,000 insiders: residents no longer believe in the neighborhood committee (Photo) China | Nucleic Acids | Sampling | Epidemic | Cases |

The number of infected people in Shanghai has exceeded 20,000 insiders: residents no longer believe in the neighborhood committee (Photo) China | Nucleic Acids | Sampling | Epidemic | Cases |

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The number of infected people in Shanghai has exceeded 20,000 insiders: residents no longer believe in the neighborhood committee (Photo) China | Nucleic Acids | Sampling | Epidemic | Cases |

There were 27,509 new local infections in 21 provinces in China, and 26,087 in Shanghai. Recently, more than 20,000 nucleic acid samples from 25 million people showed abnormal results. An insider said that Shanghai lacks logistical support, and residents no longer trust the neighborhood committee. (Image credit: Getty Images)

[See China April 11, 2022 News](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Muzi)ChinaCOVID-19Epidemic Shanghaimost serious. On April 10, 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China added newlocal infectedThere are 27,509 cases and nearly 680,000 people are under medical observation. Among them, Shanghai is far ahead, with 26,087 infected cases. At present, the cumulative number of local infected people in Shanghai exceeds 200,000.Shanghai recently screened nearly 26,000 people in nucleic acid testing of all employeesNucleic acid samplingThe results were abnormal. An insider who assisted Shanghai in nucleic acid sampling from Jiangsu said that Shanghai lacked logistical support.residentI no longer trust the neighborhood committee.

Shanghai leads 21 provinces, nearly 680,000 people in China are under medical observation

According to the official website of the National Health Commission of China, on April 10, there were 26,345 new local asymptomatic infections, including 25,173 in Shanghai, 797 in Jilin, 100 in Hebei, 68 in Anhui, 46 in Jiangsu, and 33 in Hubei. , 28 in Zhejiang, 19 in Jiangxi, 18 in Guangdong, 13 in Shandong, 12 in Liaoning, 9 in Fujian, 8 in Yunnan, 5 in Hainan, 4 in Henan, 3 in Shanxi, 3 in Heilongjiang, 3 in Xinjiang, and 3 in Guangxi. 2 cases and 1 case in Sichuan. The top 10 cities are: Shanghai with 25,173 cases, Jilin Changchun with 743 cases, Hebei Baoding with 67 cases, Jilin with 46 cases, Anhui Fuyang with 32 cases, Hebei Handan with 31 cases, Anhui Lu’an with 30 cases, Jiangxi Nanchang with 19 cases, and Zhejiang Hangzhou with 17 cases. 12 cases in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

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Data show that on April 10, China added new local diagnosescase1164 cases, including: 914 in Shanghai, 187 in Jilin, 19 in Guangdong, 9 in Zhejiang, 9 in Fujian, 7 in Jiangsu, 7 in Shaanxi, 2 in Shandong, 2 in Hainan, 2 in Sichuan, 2 in Yunnan, and 2 in Shanxi 1 case, 1 case in Liaoning, 1 case in Anhui, and 1 case in Jiangxi. The top 10 cities are: Shanghai 914 cases, Jilin Changchun 102 cases, Jilin 66 cases, Guangdong Guangzhou 18 cases, Jilin Baicheng 16 cases, Fujian Ningde 6 cases, Shaanxi Xi’an 6 cases, Jiangsu Nanjing 3 cases, Fujian Quanzhou 3 cases, 2 cases in Sanya, Hainan.

According to the data, as of 24:00 on April 10, there were 22,395 confirmed cases (76 severe cases) and 28 suspected cases in China. There are 457,580 close contacts and 218,997 local asymptomatic infections still under medical observation.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to all 16 districts in Shanghai, 10 of the 12 cities under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province have fallen into the epidemic. However, the data provided by the official is for reference only, and the authenticity of the data is generally questioned by the outside world. Because since the outbreak of the Wuhan epidemic in 2019, observing the news disclosed by the public, as well as the consistent performance of the CCP and its well-known nature of lying, it has made it difficult for the outside world to believe that the data has no “water”.

More than 20,000 people in Shanghai have abnormal nucleic acid results Insider: Residents no longer believe in the neighborhood committee

According to the Beijing Daily client report, the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control press conference announced on the 11th that Shanghai has launched the city’s nucleic acid screening in the past two days. As of 8:00 a.m. on April 11, a total of 25.12 million people have been sampled, and 21.52 million people have been tested. , of which 25,996 had abnormal results, and the re-examination of some mixed positive persons is currently in progress.

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On April 11, it was reported on the Internet that a Jiangsu nucleic acid sampling team member who had personally experienced Shanghai confided that he was going to assist Shanghai for the third time. Arrived at the reserved location in Pudong, Shanghai at about 3:30 p.m., put on protective clothing before 4:30 p.m., everything was ready, “then started the first round of waiting, waiting for the shuttle bus from Shanghai to pick us up and arrive at the location, this process It lasted for 2 hours.” Waiting for 2 hours in vain, it was informed that it had been coordinated. The car came at 6:30, and then there was the second wave of waiting, waiting to get off. “This process continued for nearly an hour, and “the protective clothing has been worn for 3 hours at this time.”

“We finally reached the location and started a new round of waiting.” The insider said that he arrived in Shanghai at 3 or 4 pm, and the volunteers at the location were earlier, waiting for personnel and supplies at the location at 2 o’clock, and it was nearly 7:30 pm at that time. “The personnel are finally in place, can we start? No, because there are only people, and all the materials are not available, so we will wait for the next one.” Some volunteers said, “Material management is unified and deployed by the superior.” At this time, the volunteers His physical strength couldn’t stand it anymore.

The insider said that the supplies were finally in place at 8:30, but “Shanghai’s health cloud was unavailable” that day. “Originally, 3,000 people could be completed at one point, but due to the lack of logistical support, only 300 people were recruited. Looking at the whole of Shanghai, how much resources and time were wasted? I can’t imagine!” “It was only when I arrived in Shanghai that I realized that today’s out-of-control is not difficult to understand.” The insider finally said that the residents no longer believed in the neighborhood committee. “No matter how much praise the retrograde receives, it is better to end the epidemic sooner.”

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