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The number of inoculation doses exceeded 900 million, experts analyze the reasons for the CCP’s strong vaccination

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[Epoch Times June 16, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Yi Ru interviewed and reported) The CCP claimed that the number of vaccines vaccinated across China had exceeded 900 million doses on the 14th, and the Chinese people voluntarily vaccinated. However, there are documents showing that the CCP is forcibly administering vaccines to the domestic people. People in many parts of the mainland also said that it is indeed mandatory vaccination. If you don’t get the vaccine, you will lose your job, and you will not be able to travel or shop. Why does the CCP want to force its people to vaccinate?

On June 10, a “notice” of mandatory vaccination was posted on the Internet, which was issued by the Yanshan Township Government on the 9th. Notice content: From now on, government agencies, enterprises, institutions, medical institutions, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation stations, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, restaurants, Internet cafes and other places in the city, as well as when taking buses and taxis, must check the health code and the new crown at the same time Vaccine (CCV) vaccination sign. People who have not been vaccinated are strictly prohibited to enter and cannot move freely.

(The internet)

The Epoch Times verified that the notice was issued by the government of Yanshan Town, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province. On June 12, the reporter called the office of the People’s Government of Yanshan Town and asked whether it was mandatory to vaccinate. The staff who answered the phone explained that “we are trying our best to vaccinate the whole people.” Later, she said that she had received many phone calls from people asking and could not answer specific questions, “Call the leader Wang directly.” The reporter called Director Wang on the number provided by the other party, but no one answered the call.

The reporter called the Health and Health Commission of Yanshan County, Cangzhou City. A woman said on the phone that she was an on-duty officer. The specific situation was unknown. “We are on duty and don’t know. If you listen to the government, the government manages the Health Commission.”

The reporter called the local Yanshan Hotel on the 13th. A lady at the front desk told the reporter that a document was issued locally a week ago, requiring all outsiders to show their health codes and vaccination certificates. “We all have travel permits here, and vaccination is It’s a must. Our villages and county towns have used it, and there is no way to stop it. It is broadcast on the news and on mobile phones. Now the whole country is asking for vaccination. No vaccination, no vaccination certificate, etc., are not allowed anywhere. go with.”

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The reporter then called other provinces to find out about this. Ms. Wang from Fujian told The Epoch Times that local vaccinations are also compulsory. On the grounds of the so-called public interest, “you will not be allowed to go in cars or planes if you do not get vaccinations. I also promoted the horror of the epidemic in India, everyone. Everyone is vying to fight, and the Communist Party has great means.”

It was reported on the Internet that people from various districts and streets had registered for those who had not been vaccinated and came to the door to advise them to get vaccinated. Ms. Cheng from Shanghai told The Epoch Times that the officials now say that they are voluntary, but they are all compulsory. “Workers who work in a unit are organized by the unit and must be given at least two shots. If there is no unit to work, the neighborhood committee will notify you from house to house. Older people and people in their 70s have to fight, and now many people don’t understand whether it’s effective or not, so just fight if you ask.”

“It’s forcibly hitting me, using my job to threaten me,” Hunan taxi driver Mr. Yi said to The Epoch Times. “I said, whoever is responsible for the killing, they said, no matter what, you have to fight if you eat this bowl of rice. Which country gives you free calls, and if you don’t call, your rental certificate will be revoked.”

“I have an old senior, I have a junior, I don’t have a job. Where did my finances come from is to survive, so I had to fight. My son’s unit is also forced to fight, he didn’t want to fight, and later he forced to fight, no way.” He said .

Mr. Yi said that he did not want to get a vaccine because China’s vaccine research and development has been rushed. The vaccine’s Phase III clinical data has not yet been completed, and the vaccine’s effective rate is only over 50%. “The most important thing is that, like Guangzhou now, the vaccine is also infected. Also, the virus is constantly mutating, and the previous vaccine has no antibodies against the new virus.”

CCP administers 100 million doses of vaccine in 5 days

Dr. Haiying Huai, the vice president of a US biotechnology company, analyzed the Epoch Times that the CCP’s purpose of compulsory vaccination is to increase the quantity and carry out vaccine diplomacy. When I was asked about the effect of the vaccine, it would be difficult to sell if no one shot it. If hundreds of millions of people have already shot it, it is different. Its goal is to reach more than 600 million in June, just like Guangdong Madness. Fighting, the Chinese are also coaxing after listening to the propaganda.”

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The National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China announced on June 15 that the number of vaccinations across China has exceeded 900 million doses on the 14th, reaching 94.134 million doses, which is 6 days after the previous 800 million doses. Since May, the delivery rate of vaccination has increased rapidly, breaking through 300 million doses on May 7; 400 million doses on the 16th; 500 million doses on the 23rd; and 600 million doses on the 28th after 5 days. On June 2, it exceeded 700 million doses with an interval of 5 days; on the 8th, 800 million doses were on board, and on the 14th, it exceeded 900 million doses, with the interval slightly increased to 6 days.

Chinese media reported that by the end of this year, China’s vaccine production will have a production capacity of more than 3 billion doses. Kexing said that the vaccine only has a protection period of more than six months, and a third shot of the vaccine will be implemented in the future, declaring that “after the third shot, the antibodies in the body will increase rapidly by 10 times.”

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, a former US Army microbiology researcher, said that the CCP’s claim that 100 million doses have been administered in five days is a great leap forward. He said that the CCP wants to give the Chinese people a false impression. The government has tried its best to vaccinate the people. It is not the government’s responsibility if there is another outbreak in the future.

Huai Haiying said that another purpose of the CCP’s mandatory vaccination is for economic benefits. “The CCP used to report the outbreaks in India and Mexico vigorously in order to create terror, scare people to get vaccinated, and drive everyone to get vaccinated. In the future, it will require more injections with virus variants; CCP experts are also talking about virus flu. Transformation means that the people must fight every year and make money continuously.”

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He said that the CCP’s other purpose is to seize the market, divide the world, and surpass Europe and the United States. Speed ​​to seize the vaccine market.”

“European and American vaccines are better, but I am more than you. It doesn’t matter how many people die, how many people die, and how many side effects are not counted. If you don’t count them, there will be no.” Many countries have a high mortality rate from Chinese vaccines. Some Latin American countries such as Chile, Hungary, and Turkey are getting worse. The Chinese Communist Party’s vaccines rely on propaganda and deceit to deceive the world and people in their own country.”

Mandatory vaccination is determined by the authoritarian nature of the CCP

Regarding the so-called public interest for compulsory vaccination, Li Youtan, a professor at the National Development Institute of Chengchi University in Taiwan, told The Epoch Times that the excuse of public interest is determined by the nature of the CCP’s autocracy, and free countries will not do so. .

Li Youtan believes that vaccinations cannot be enforced like wearing a mask. “Wearing a mask is mandatory. First, you can protect yourself. Second, wearing a mask has no side effects and no harm or threat to you personally. And you can’t guarantee the vaccine. Safety. If someone thinks that there is a danger of death from being vaccinated, that they are in good health, or they have already had the disease, then why should they take this risk to fight, and why should they be forced to fight.”

Li Youtan said that the logic of the CCP’s mandatory vaccination is that most people will not die and therefore require all people to fight, even if a small number of people’s lives are sacrificed. “It will not consider that some people may have side effects from the vaccine. , May die; for those who are in good health, if something goes wrong after being vaccinated, can they choose not to fight, it doesn’t matter, all these are “Chinese characteristics”.”

He said that when the epidemic broke out in China last year, the CCP called out “sacrifice Wuhan”. Unlike free countries, it believes that no one’s basic life safety and free will can be sacrificed for the benefit of the majority of people. “Because everyone’s life is Equal, life is priceless.”

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