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The numbers that Shakira left for Casio after the song

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The numbers that Shakira left for Casio after the song

Eight days have passed since the so-called ‘Sessions #53’ by Bizarrap, in which the Argentine producer accompanied by the singer Shakira, perform a song dedicated to the ex-partner of the Colombian Gerard Piqué. The impact of video on digital platforms has been classified as a success, where from marketing, brands have taken advantage of it, an example of this is the Japanese company Casio.

And it is that according to a study carried out by ReasonWhy, a firm in charge of investigating the impacts of social media campaigns, determined the results in social networks that the song generated particularly with Casio, one of the brands mentioned by Shakira in the video.

Undoubtedly, the company in charge of manufacturing watches and calculators benefited in terms of positioning from the media video. On Twitter, although Casio does not have a proprietary account on this social network, Audiense, which is the entity in charge of collecting the information for the investigation, determined the number of conversations in which Casio was mentioned.

What was the first and second week of January, the word Casio worldwide experienced an increase of +11,000%, which means that while in the period from January 1 to 11 there were approximately 15,000 tweets citing the brand, on the 12th and 15th the number rose to one million tweets.

To get an idea of ​​the impact of the figures, Casio surpassed Adidas, the brand that sponsors the World Cup in Qatar and that dresses several teams; from January 8 to 15, the number of tweets with the word of the Japanese company reached 796 thousand.

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The evaluation of the messages according to the research firm, determined that most of them were positive, where it is also known that through Reason.Why, the company is satisfied with the “Shakira effect” in his notoriety.

Obviously, the rise in figures did not only occur with the Twitter social network, on Instagram, where the company strengthened its communication, the number of followers skyrocketed for the largest number of accounts in the different countries.

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