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The pain is like being run over by a truck. Doctor talks about Omicron symptoms | Mutated virus | COVID-19

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[Epoch Times December 06, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian comprehensive report) Omicron, a new variant of the Chinese Communist virus (Covid-19, new coronavirus), has been found in many countries around the world, so after the patient is infected with the Omicron variant virus, What are the symptoms?

British Sky News reported on December 3 that Sheri Fanaroff, a doctor in Gauteng, the most infected area in South Africa, said: “So far, the symptoms of infection we have seen are very mild. I don’t know of any severely ill patients at the moment.” Symptoms such as sore throat, fever, cough, body aches, etc. appeared.”

Another Johannesburg doctor Bhadrashil Modi said, “The typical symptoms people present are severe headaches, severe body aches, sore throats, possibly runny nose, cough, etc., as well as very sudden attacks… The patient knows the approximate time of the onset very clearly.”

Modi also told the media, “Within a day, you will start to feel bad, like having a very severe flu, (pain symptoms) almost like a truck running over you. That kind of pain and The previous waves of epidemics (the pain caused) are not much different.”

According to the British National Health Service (NHS) report, previous typical symptoms of patients with the Chinese Communist Party virus included persistent cough, fever, and other signs such as sudden loss of taste or smell. However, Angelique Coetzee, President of the South African Medical Association, highlighted the three new symptoms of Omicron: fatigue, body aches and headaches.

Agence France-Presse reported that Couche observed 30 patients infected with the Omicron virus strain in the outpatient clinic, and their symptoms were significantly different from those infected with the Delta virus. Omicron patients often have “extreme fatigue”, “muscle aches” and “mild cough”. Other symptoms include mild discomfort such as fast heartbeat, hoarse throat and dry cough. Only a few people have mild fever, and many patients have not lost their sense of taste or Smell.

Compared with other variants, the Omicron variants appear to have milder symptoms, and the proportion of young people infected has increased, most of which are younger than 40 years old. German clinical epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach even stated that Omicron’s mild symptoms may indicate that the global epidemic will end early.

Last Friday (December 3), the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that it can be found from the current Omicron case data reported by countries that there are no severe cases or deaths. And early data shows that Omicron is more contagious than Delta. The head of the WHO, Maria Van Kerkhove, said that it is too early to discuss the severity of symptoms caused by Omicron. The Delta mutant strain is still prevalent globally.

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