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The pain of Mery Masocco’s friends: «It was our strength and our engine»

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The pain of Mery Masocco’s friends: «It was our strength and our engine»

A project shared with the neighborhood associates: that of winning the Palio. There are countless contributions to the memory of Mariacristina Masoccowho disappeared on Sunday due to a fall on the Peaks. “Mariacristina was a driving force, she was never tired, she had so much energy that we were amazed every day,” says close friend Samuele Spada who cannot hold back tears.

Feltre, crashed at the Comedon Pass, who was Mery Masocco

Roberto Curto

«She would become president of Port’Oria and there were no doubts about this within a team that was as close-knit as it was motivated that Mery had helped to create with her enthusiasm. She was tireless », underlines Spada, «we often wondered where she found all that strength, when she also set about doing the documentation for the neighborhood which is a demanding preparatory job. She was always ready to create opportunities to meet among friends even outside the Palio, if there was something even goliardic to organize, she was in the front row, she towed the others to the point that if for some reason she couldn’t be present among us, we both realized that she was missing. She was one of those people who never stand still, who put many things to fruition in a single day. She didn’t hold back on going out, sometimes it was late at night. And after very few hours of sleep, she was ready to go to the mountains. We are overwhelmed, we still don’t realize that it’s gone, we struggle to let it go precisely because it was our strength. Mariacristina was also an important part of other areas in which she gravitated, from the Scouts to the Tour of the Walls. Her absence will be felt in the city.’

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Dismay and disbelief are the feelings that dominate the Scout group of which Mariacristina, following her father Narciso and mother Angela, was a part of from an early age. She had just finished the training course to become head, but she was already a “branch” coordinator, as they say in Scout jargon, for the province of Belluno. “I haven’t realized yet that I won’t see her again,” says the group leader Thomas Manzoni. «Mery she was part of us since she was eight years old, since she, that is, she entered the cubs. Over the years she has taken the path from the Pack to the Ward to the Clan of the community leaders. For some time she had resumed the role of leader of the pack of cubs and with the children she put all her effort and soul into it. For her so young, she demonstrated talent, authority and full aptitude. We are all devastated.”

Feltre, tragedy in the mountains, the body of Mery Masocco recovered

“There are no words in the face of misfortunes like this,” he says don Giancarlo Gasperin, Scout assistant who worked with Mariacristina in the group until recently. «The reaction we might have is to grasp the almost iconic message that Mariacristina suggests to friends and to everyone, namely to fight to do great things in life. Perhaps it is no coincidence that death caught her when she was in the mountains, while she was climbing high with her energy and her vitality ».

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