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The painful story behind the musical success of Omar Geles

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The painful story behind the musical success of Omar Geles

In an interview, the vallenato composer Omar Geles told how the song ‘When I almost forgot you’ came about, immortalized in the voice of Los Diablitos.

According to the composer’s version, a woman, Who was your sentimental partner? he was unfaithful repeatedly.

I left for Barranquilla, but only for 3 months, when I was upset by a love that hit me in a cache and I said: ‘I’m leaving here’. When I left for Barranquilla I took all her things and what she had given me and I made a bonfire and burned all of it.”, he recalled.

And he added that the last thing he needed to throw away was a stuffed gorilla. “I looked into his eyes and felt that he told me: ‘Don’t burn me, I have nothing to do with it.’ So I didn’t burn it but I did throw it out a third story window”, he said while laughing.

Posteriorly, after spending 3 months in Barranquilla, returned to Valledupar. “At 8 months I found a napkin with her red lips painted on it and it said: ‘For my chocolate’”.

From there he decided to compose the song ‘When I almost forgot you’, in which it just started with that event.

“Looking through my old things, I found a note that said: ‘My dear, I love you.’ And your lips painted like a kiss for me. Oh, it said, ‘Honey, I love you. For my chocolate After a year, when I almost forgot you, when a day finally passed without remembering you, after I didn’t feel jealous, or angry if they told me that you gave yourself to another man. One day I burned what I kept from you, your credentials, and a photo and your letters, and this note escaped that kills me today, and this is the reason for my call”, says the first verse of the song”.

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