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The pine forest of Ugento is on fire. A farmhouse evacuated – News

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The pine forest of Ugento is on fire.  A farmhouse evacuated – News

The area of ​​the fire that affected Torre Mozza and Lido Marini, the marinas of Ugento, has been circumscribed and the over 100 tourists evacuated from the Rottacapozza farm are almost all hosted in other accommodation facilities in the area. Only a few have decided to leave Salento. This is learned from the Prefecture of Lecce which is coordinating the operations.

The fire front in Ugento “is under control”, an accommodation facility has been evacuated (the old farmhouse of Rottacapozza, ed.) in which there were over 100 people” and “extinguishing operations are underway, even with the ‘use of two canadairs’. This is learned from the Prefecture of Lecce where a crisis unit dedicated to firefighting activities is at work. The farm would have suffered damage because the warehouse of household goods caught fire and the cars of some tourists parked in the parking lot were damaged. To put out the fire, other teams were sent from Taranto and Brindisi and two fire-fighting modules from Basilicata and Campania.

Fire threatens a campsite, emergency returned

The emergency has returned to Lotzorai, in Ogliastra, where a fire threatened the Iscrixedda campsite for hours and where some farmhouses were engulfed in flames right into the gardens. The firefighters, the civil protection men and the helicopters of the regional fleet quickly put down the flames and the affected area is now being reclaimed.

In Sicily extinguished flames

In Sicily the temperature has dropped, there is a summer heat accompanied by gusts of fresh wind and tension also seems to have diminished after the hellish fire of recent days with fires that have devastated woods, homes and commercial activities. Today there are few interventions to put out the flames in the Messina area and in the province of Palermo, while the Bellolampo landfill in the capital is kept under observation where waste continues to burn in the fourth tank. The mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, has asked the Region for help, because waste collection has slowed down due to the difficulties in landfilling, and the regional government has narrowly approved the extraordinary allocation of one million euros to deal with the ’emergency. The regional councilor for tourism Elvira Amata speaks of a “fire emergency overcome” and states that “holidays for tourists can continue in total safety. Tourists we are waiting for you in Sicily, you are welcome!”. And the president of the Region Renato Schifani says he agrees with the commissioner: “The commissioner Amata intervened to counter a foreign press that invited tourists not to come to Sicily in these days we have contrasted with temperatures close to 50 degrees and important fires. But we intervened. The flames were largely tamed. And therefore the councilor Amata was right to promote the Sicilian tourist season”.

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Fires in the South, 3,232 interventions by the fire brigade

The operations of the fire brigade in the South to fight and contrast forest fires ceaselessly. Since Sunday, 3,232 interventions have been carried out between Puglia, Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia, by the 9,846 firefighters who took turns in rescue operations in the 4 regions. In Sicily 1,414 interventions were carried out for forest firefighting, the highest number among the southern regions: teams at work in the Palermo area, in the Altofonte area, and in the province of Catania in Belpasso and Valverde. In Puglia, where 879 rescues were carried out for forest and vegetation fires, the situation in Marina di San Cataldo, in Lecce, is still being monitored. In Calabria, 727 interventions have been completed. In Crotone teams at work along the SS 106 in Le Castella in Isola di Capo Rizzuto. There are 212 interventions by the National Corps in Sardinia for forest fires. In Villagrande, in the Nuorese area, teams are working against a Mediterranean scrub fire.

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