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The Poetry Festival is born in Ivrea, a stage for 30 authors

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The Poetry Festival is born in Ivrea, a stage for 30 authors

Ennio Pedrini

Idea of ​​the Pedrini publisher, in collaboration with La Sentinella del Canavese. Concern theme, curator Giuliano Reano: appointment on 10 December

IVREA. The Poetry Festival to be held on 10 December in the Santa Marta room in Ivrea is organized by the Luci association, in collaboration with Edizioni Pedrini and La Sentinella del Canavese. This is a new initiative that the publisher Ennio Pedrini jr, in his tireless design and work, has drawn from his magic cylinder and which will consist in the reading of the poems of the thirty participating authors (all present in the room), collected in a volume that will inaugurate the new Being series.

«Our publishing house – explains Pedrini – strongly believes in this initiative which brings together well-known poets and other emerging poets, each with their own style and expressive modality. All of them, in recent weeks, have been invited to compose or produce an unpublished poem inspired by Restlessness, a theme that is only apparently simple, but, in reality, deep and complex. And always topical, given the times, which, with everything that surrounds us and happens in the world, never as today are favoring in people the rise of troubled moods, senses of apprehension or anxiety caused above all by uncertainty, fear or worry “.

And he underlines: “I invited Giuliana Reano, former director of Culture of the Municipality of Ivrea, to take care of the initiative, as curator of the collection of poems for the year 2022. Woman of great culture and profound connoisseur of the territory, the doctor Reano has identified the thirty poets, involving them with great enthusiasm, and has collected their lyrics that demonstrate how the Canavese is a land still fertile in ingenuity and poetry ».

«I am often invited to give my contribution to cultural initiatives of all kinds – comments Reano -. The many commitments often do not allow me to accept, but, in this case, I gladly accepted the invitation of the publisher Pedrini of which I was able to follow the commitment in promoting and enhancing contemporary and past local authors, as well as fellow editors and the territory with the culture and traditions linked to it, as evidenced by events such as BorgoLibri, the literature festival held in Borgofranco, or the San Gaudenzio Book Festival just ended in Ivrea ».

“The work of manager carried out for many years – continues Reano – has led me to know how many people are who cultivate poetry, literature, music and art with passion and how hard their commitment meets the possibility of being known outside a small circle of relatives and friends: this festival and the publication that will accompany it certainly represent a recognition of these people and, why not, the beginning of something greater for them and for the public of readers ».

The initiative is sponsored by Ivrea, the Italian capital of the book 2022. –

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