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The popularity of “Second Uncle” has not subsided. “Three Uncle” video reproduction has a worse fate | Social Injustice in China | NTDTV Online

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The popularity of “Second Uncle” has not subsided. “Three Uncle” video reproduction has a worse fate | Social Injustice in China | NTDTV Online

[NTDTV, Beijing time, July 29, 2022]The video of “Second Uncle”, a disabled person in the countryside, sparked discussions about social injustice in China. The publisher of the video said he was disturbed and had transferred “Second Uncle”, hoping that everyone would forget him. However, the popularity of “Second Uncle” has not disappeared, and the video of “Third Uncle” has been reported on the Internet, and the fate is even more tragic.

Recently, under the environment of China‘s strict censorship, the video of “Second Uncle” has unexpectedly become popular. It not only ranks among the best in the hot list of station B, but also has been affirmed and recommended by the official media and other official mouthpieces.

However, netizens quickly discovered that the official media Xinhua News Agency ranked first in the “creative team” of the video, not the “nephew” (actor) “Yigo Conjecture”. Screenshots of netizens show that Xinhua News Agency is identified as the “UP master”, while “Yige Guess” is just a “participant”.

(web screenshot)
(Screenshot of Weibo)

After the “Second Uncle”, more tragic cases were exposed on the Internet. On July 29, the Twitter account “Truth Media” reposted a video saying: “The third uncle has been found. Who can find the first uncle?”

The video shows that on July 14, a super disabled person in Chengdu, Sichuan could only lie on his side on a tricycle, but in order to make a living, he drove the tricycle through the street in such a difficult posture to make a living. Netizens said, “It’s inexplicably sad to watch.” (Video: Third uncle found. Who can find Uncle?

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Across China, tragic stories like “Second Uncle” are endless. Chang Ping, a senior Chinese media personality and current affairs commentator, wrote in DW on July 28 that in the aesthetics of suffering, fighting against fate also includes resistance to social injustice. But in the story of “Second Uncle”, people read it as forbearance and obedience.

Netizen @LOOK1203 summed up: “Second uncle has endured the injustice and indifference of the whole society and family towards him, medical malpractice without accountability, exploitation of uneven urban and rural development, lack of social assistance, void of pension benefits, second uncle is confused and miserable He was declared a victory in his life by the young nephew who claimed to live in a society full of opportunities.”

“Second Uncle” has sparked more and more discussions about the injustice under the CCP system. The “Yi Ge Conjecture”, which posted the video, posted on Weibo on the 27th that more and more people knew about the second uncle, which made him a little uneasy. Picked up the second uncle and grandma from the small mountain village, and will not return to the village for a while until everyone forgets them.

(Screenshot of Weibo)

However, the popularity of “Second Uncle” not only did not drop, but continued to cause more shocks among netizens from all walks of life.

(web screenshot)

Some netizens said: “Second uncle’s video at least includes: polio epidemic (not vaccinated), abandoned baby girl, left-behind elderly, empty-nest elderly (66-year-old pulling 88-year-old to work everywhere to make a living, this nephew actually I think it’s cool) and other social problems, but they were all smoothed out by a few words of chicken soup.”

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(web screenshot)

An article on the Internet asks “who is responsible for the second uncle’s suffering”: “What we need to think about is, who caused the second uncle’s suffering? When he took root, and even had no choice but to accept it, who was praising this kind of acceptance? Second Uncle’s video is not a national cure, but more like a national anesthesia.”

On the eve of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, public grievances and crises erupted in Chinese society. The explosion of real estate has detonated the “loan suspension” of unfinished housing; the explosion of village and town banks has triggered large-scale rights protection of depositors; the Tangshan beating case, the authorities suppressed public opinion and caused public anger; the continuous epidemic clearance and control measures have led to people’s work and life difficulties; Forcing the elderly to take domestic vaccines, accidents occur frequently, triggering a rebound in public opinion.

The article said, “The life problems faced by the second uncle and ordinary people are still unresolved… These problems are not much different from the problems of the second uncle back then. How is a person’s life opportunities controlled and shaped?”

Some netizens pointed out that putting the second uncle in the United States also has gains and losses. Gain means there is a basic guarantee, and loss means there is no way to become an internet celebrity.

(web screenshot)

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/responsible editor: Wen Hui)

URL of this article: https://www.ntdtv.com/gb/2022/07/29/a103489922.html

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