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The possibility of choosing

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The possibility of choosing

Regarding the issue of the primary elections called for next October 22, there is more than one possible position: in favor, against, with doubts, with total indifference.

There are those who think that they are necessary and that they represent an opportunity. Those who describe them as unnecessary, that do not solve anything, that generate a new factor of conflict. Of course, those who see them as a threat to their obsession with continuity and control of power. Also those who argue thinking more about the problems of feasibility or the claims and risks of interference and disfigurement. And finally, those who are simply not interested in them, or presume not to be interested, or are not willing to give them a minute of their attention.

Those who see the primaries as an opportunity for democracy see them as the chance to participate, to choose, to make themselves heard, to give their opinion, to regain presence and optimism, to feel part of a collective purpose and to affirm their faith in Venezuela. They understand them as a new opportunity to think about the country and to affirm faith in its construction, to recover hope and set a date for a delayed commitment to exercise freedom and citizenship.

After a long period of political activity relegated to the shadows, the call for primaries opens up the possibility for Venezuelans to mobilize, to listen to the arguments and proposals of the candidates, to get to know them better, to compare them, to confirm the image that is has of them or to get rid of preconceived ideas, to evaluate the relevance of their political thought, to choose on concrete offers, to decide with more awareness of reality and perspectives.

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Raising and activating the option of primaries is opening the opportunity for the recovery of space and the meaning of politics. Also for the generation of new leaders, capable of recovering the trust and respect of the people, of dignifying politics with the values ​​of honesty, consistency, adherence to the truth, clarity, dedication and commitment.

Calling for primaries is to break with inaction, isolation, hopelessness, acceptance of what is given. It is to activate the capacity for change and rectification, to recover the sense of unity, its strength, the possibility of being part of a purpose and a collective effort. It should be time for a new learning, a school to internalize the need for respect and tolerance, the value of negotiation and agreements, the strength of unity in diversity, the ability to resign or decline a position for a higher aspiration. high, more achievable, more collective. And it is, of course, the opportunity to show a country that is alive, on the move, not submissive, not silent, not hopeless, not resigned, not fatalistic.

The risks to the will of successful primaries lie substantially in the loss of citizen enthusiasm and, above all, in a wrong development that turns the legitimate competition into a destructive battle of personalities or is diverted into the temptation of non-credible discourse, demagogy deceptive, the absence of enlightening and motivating thought. There are also the threats of lies, intransigence, the generation of fear, media bombardment, harassment, disqualification, the dirty game of propaganda, abuse of power, criminalization of legitimate claims and right of citizen mobilization.

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Those who believe in the primaries as an opportunity to recover civic virtues and democracy do well to place their trust in those who have assumed the responsibility of making it possible, of materializing it, of generating credibility and hope. It is not an easy task given the climate of discouragement and hopelessness created, but it is an indispensable and possible task, beyond the reasons for pessimism and immobility. Opening the possibility of choosing means returning to the course of democratic construction and activating the forces of unity and participation.

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